portal users voted for Pereval Dyatlova (Dead Mountain - The Dyatlov Pass Incident) and the film Kholop (The Peasant) as the best projects of 2020.

Five projects by Gazprom Media—the TV shows Pereval Dyatlova, Call Center, Igra na Vyzhivanie (Survival Game), Epidemiya (To the Lake), as well as the film Kholop—were among the Top 5 projects in different categories, according to the rating for 2020. This list is compiled based on the ratings that users give to new shows and films, both domestic and foreign. Among these, two Russian projects, Pereval Dyatlova and Kholop, came out on top in their respective categories.

1-2-3 Production’s drama Pereval Dyatlova topped the list of Best Russian TV Series. TV-3 channel’s director Valeriy Federovich and the channel’s chief producer Evgeny Nikishov produced and directed the series, and Ilya Kulikov wrote the script.

The psychological thriller Igra na Vyzhivanie, starring Alexandra Bortich and Aleksey Chadov, was also among the Top 5 Best Russian TV series. Directed by Karen Oganesyan and produced by Valeriy Fedorovich, Evgeny Nikishov and Nelly Yaralova, it was released on TNT and the PREMIER video platform in late August. 

The film Kholop, which was made with support from the GPM KIT Group of Companies (part of Gazprom Media), emerged as the most popular film of the year according to users. This comedy was the highest grossing film in recent history for Russian film distribution, earning 3 billion rubles at the Russian box office. Users also named star Milos Bikovich the year’s most popular actor. The film is available to watch on PREMIER.

The shows Call Center and Igra na Vyzhivanie were among the Top 5 most popular TV series of the year. Call Center, a thriller from directors and screenwriters Natalia Merkulova and Aleksei Chupov, previously made it into the Top 5 according to Russian TV viewers at the halfway mark of 2020. First released on PREMIER in the spring of 2020 and later broadcast on TNT, it starred Yulia Khlynina, Pavel Tabakov, Vladimir Yaglych, Anatoly Bely, Sabina Akhmedova, and Nikita Tarasov.      

Last but not least, To the Lake easily won Film Prophecy of the Year. Made by 1-2-3 Production and produced by Valeriy Fedorovich and Evgeny Nikishov, it predicted an unknown respiratory virus spreading through Moscow and became the most successful Russian TV series abroad.