About us
> 25 years at the industry’s forefront
140 million total audience reach of the Holding
25% summarized share of the TV audience*
More than 80 media assets
> 6,000 hours of content per year
Gazprom-Media Holding is the largest media holding in Russia that has been contributing to the media industry formation in Russia based on the best media and technology expertise for 25 years. Gazprom-Media’s activities scope includes all media fields: information broadcasting, television, movies, content making and distribution, digital services, radio, printed and online periodicals, influence marketing and advertisement sales.
Gazprom-Media is actively developing digital platforms: PREMIER online cinema, RUTUBE national video hosting service, YAPPY application for short vertical videos. The Holding has its own digital laboratory D.lab focused on cutting-edge developments based on artificial intelligence for content making and processing, as well as for tracking and analysis of technologies on the media market.
*Source: Mediascope, Russia, cities with over 100,000 inhabitants, 14–44, 2023

Years of media experience, industry expertise and own technologies allow Gazprom-Media to reach various audiences and offer innovative solutions to the industry.

Gazprom-Media realizes a large-scale program of corporate social responsibility PRO dedicated to the increase of NCO’s efficiency and promotion of charity and volunteering. The Holding pays special attention to young people in the media field by realizing the PROfnavigator project. Gazprom-Media supports national development goals of Russia and creates large-scale social projects, which include the Rus cycle of historical movie projects.