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29 April 2022

NTV-Plus presents a unique hybrid console

NTV-Plus presents a unique hybrid console

NTV-Plus satellite TV operator, which is part of the leading diversified company Gazprom-Media Holding, has presented a fundamentally new product - a hybrid console VA 1020. Now the operator’s subscribers will be able to watch television channels not only with perfect satellite quality, but also to control what is on the air. The sales of the console started on December 2.

The hybrid OTT TV box is connected simultaneously to the satellite dish and the Internet via cable or Wi-Fi. Aside from watching television broadcasts, this allows console owners to use a number of popular OTT-services: video-on-demand, postponed viewing, pause and rewind functions. Today the NTV-Plus interactive console gives subscribers access to the largest online library of films, TV series and programs on the Russian-language Internet, and this library will continue to be expanded with the addition of content of different themes and genres.

“In the long term, the trend for the development of OTT services will strengthen. Thus, we are counting on the progressive growth in the number of subscribers who are using the new capabilities offered by the hybrid solution,” said Mikhail Dyomin, general manager of NTV-Plus.

The arrival of the VA 1020 digital interactive console was the result of cooperation between NTV-Plus with the South Korean company KAONMEDIA, one of the world’s leading providers of pay TV equipment. The hardware and software platform of the equipment was developed by specialists of NTV-Plus and the digital division of Gazprom-Media Holding, Gazprom-Media Technologies. Gazprom-Media Technologies also provided its own communication channels and signal delivery network for broadcasting on the Internet.

“Gazprom-Media manages resources on all possible platforms. As part of the holding, we are working hard to develop a synergetic approach to work on innovative projects, including for such a promising industry as pay TV. For us, the creation of a product like the hybrid console is an indicator of the effectiveness of the way we use intracompany resources,” said Vadim Fedotov, the head of Gazprom-Media Technologies.


KAONMEDIA is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for broadband and pay TV operators across 90 countries.