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29 April 2022

​TNT announces partnership with Armoza Formats

NTV television channel and Armoza Formats announced the launch of a strategic partnership. New NTV dramas will be included in the catalogue of the large international creator and distributor of content.

In June Armoza will launch two NTV thrillers, Trassa Smerty (Death Route) and Spyaschie (The Sleeping), as part of NATPE, an international market for television content. Trassa Smerty aired on the television channel in April this year, while the series Spyaschie is to be aired in the new television season.

Timur Weinstein, chief producer of NTV television company: “We are pleased that the commercial potential of the new NTV series lineup is highly ranked by such a well-known and reputable company as Armoza. For NTV, this is one of the first steps in the international distribution of ready-made television series and formats. While Trassa Smerty has already aired, the NTV viewers will only see the premiere of Spyaschie in autumn, possibly, at the same time as other countries.”

Avi Armoza, general manager of Armoza Formats: “We are thrilled with the expansion of our TV series catalogue through the cooperation with NTV and the presentation of its intriguing series on the market. We are waiting for the launch of these exciting stories, which will draw the viewers more and more with each episode, and will also help to make our relations with the NTV channel strong and long-term.”