NTV has announced the finish of the first educational NTV Course on the production of television programs, which is carried out together with the Moscow Film School. At the final pitching, which took place on June 25, the students presented 17 personal producer projects, one of which was to be turned into a pilot episode together with NTV. This will be the program Dengi k Dengam (Money to Money) by Sergey Syrkin. Moreover, two more students of the course - Armina Vanyan and Pavel Tikhonov - were given the opportunity to finalize their ideas together with NTV producers and present them to the channel’s management.

NTV launched the educational NTV Course together with the Moscow Film School in March 2017. The course consisted of four blocks: lifestyle programs, primetime shows, storytelling and socio-political programs.

The first block of the course was devoted to the specifics of creating programs in the lifestyle format, which covers a wide range of topics from cooking to health, from home renovations to travel. The TV host Sergey Malozyomov talked about the experience of launching the programs Chyudo Tekhniki (The Miracle of Technology) and Eda Zhivaya i Mertvaya (Living and Dead Food). Natalya Maltseva, TV host and producer, talked about the peculiarities of creating and launching the programs Kvartirniy Vopros (Housing Issues) and Dachniy Otvet (Dacha is the Answer). At the end of the block, the students presented their own project ideas in the lifestyle format.

NTV’s general producer Timur Weinstein, a creator of more than 200 television projects of different formats, presented the second block which was dedicated to primetime shows. Here the students could learn about the whole mechanism of television production not only in theory, but also in practice by getting on the film set of the most popular Saturday talent show Ty Super! (You are Super!). Timur Weinstein shared his experience on lowering risks and creating projects that topped the ratings on Russian television, and also talked about the specifics of original and adapted formats, the organization of live broadcasts and the role of the producer during the program’s editing stage.

The third block of the course was devoted to storytelling. Sergey Mayorov spoke about the search for a hero, the particularities of working with celebrities and creating a story from a random observation or minor fact. At the pitching, personal experiences of the authors were the cross-cutting theme across all projects. Under the guidance of the curator, the students of the exclusive course looked for a new truth - they talked about the things that truly worried them.

In the fourth block, true professionals in the area of socio-political programs Vadim Takmenyov and Kirill Pozdnyakov read their lectures. The television hosts acquainted students with the specifics of the informational television format. TEFI award winner Vadim Takhmenyov shared what he knows best: he spoke about producing an informational show and taught how to select topics and work with authors and guests. He explained how to effectively promote the project and find a budget for it through the example of the program Tsentralnoye Televideniye (Central Television). Kirill Pozdnyakov, author and host of the program Pozdnyakov, revealed his professional methods: how to tune in to the interviewee and draw him into a sincere dialogue, how to prepare for the interview and what things you need to know before asking questions, as well as how to hold the attention of the viewers between advertising breaks.

More information on the NTV Course can be found on these websites: http://moscowfilmschool.ru/courses/tv_producing_intensive and http://www.ntv.ru/peredacha/KursNTV