The MIPCOM international TV market for audiovisual content is being held digitally from October 12 to 16. The event started on October 5, with presentations by international experts in the television industry, and as of October 12 its participants can access screenings, presentations, and online meetings with buyers as part of the joint Made in Russia virtual stand. 

Gazprom Media information and entertainment channels have brought their new projects to the virtual market. These include projects by NTV, TNT, TV-3, Friday!, and 2x2, as well as 1-2-3 Production film studio and the Central Partnership film distributor. These media companies will show foreign market participants the best new film, series and animation projects, including the highly anticipated series Pereval Dyatlova (Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident), Territoriya (The Territory), Polyot (The Flight), and many others. 


Sekret na Million (Secret Worth a Million), where celebrities can win 1.5 million rubles by sharing the most intimate secrets from their personal lives, is one of NTV’s signature projects. In its four years on air, it has repeatedly been the leader in its time slot and the top weekend broadcast, and it is one of the most cited shows on Russian TV. 

NTV will also show its popular series to foreign markets: the drama Nemtsy (The Germans), the action-packed Poteryannye (Lost), the historical drama Bezsonov, and Likhach (The Daredevil). New seasons of popular series are also coming up, including the second season of the action-packed mystery Realizatsiya (Realization), Pyos (Dog), and the mystical thriller Po Tu Storonu Smerti (On the Other Side of Death).

TNT will present Sekret (The Secret), a new show where lonely people can meet a partner, at MIPCOM, as well as Soldatki (Female Soldiers), the first reality show about young women who have tried out military service, and the comedy Nam Nado Seryozno Pogovorit (We Need to Talk), an original TNT mix of standup and reality show, where relationship dilemmas are resolved with the help of humor. The channel will present two other shows, Poy Bez Pravil (Sing Without Rules) and the intellectual trivia show Dvoe Na Million (Two For a Million) hosted by popular comedian Pavel Volya. 

One of the channel’s most anticipated projects is Good Story Media’s mystical thriller Territoriya, in which 19-year-old Egor is searching for his parents who disappeared during an ethnographic expedition. The show will air on TNT starting October 12 and will also be available to PREMIER video service subscribers. 

TNT will present two more projects at MIPCOM: the comedy series Triada (The Triad), about juggling your life between three women, and the drama Zvonite DiCaprio (Call DiCaprio), about navigating life once you’ve been diagnosed with HIV. 


TV-3 is presenting a lineup of drama thrillers at MIPCOM, including the mythical detective series Agentstvo O.K.O. (O.K.O. Agency), about detectives who solve cases using psychic abilities. The channel will also show the mystical drama Dokumentalist. Okhotnik za Prizrakami (Documentalist: Ghost Hunter), by director Ilya Kulikov, about filming a documentary on the supernatural world. 

Friday! will present its new projects: the travel show Mir Zabesplatno (The World for Free), the comedy Uchilki v Zakone (Teacher Bosses), and the talent show Oblozhka (Cover Page), as well as the new season of the reality show Chernyi Spisok (Black List) at MIPCOM. These projects have already drawn a lot of attention from foreign buyers, and the content market will be an opportunity for Friday! to continue its earlier talks with distributors and media platforms from the United States, Poland, Latin America, Japan and Hong Kong.  


Super will present its comedy Voyna Semey (Family Wars), in which two men put their 50-year-long friendship to the test. Voyna Semey was the first TNT project created together with the producers of Super. 

They will also show the comedy Fitness to MIPCOM participants, about a woman who sets ambitious personal goals as she struggles with insecurities about her weight. 


2x2 will showcase its original animation projects, including the cartoon Nigdegorod (Nowhere City) about moving to a provincial town and finding that it’s full of mystical phenomena. The animation Banditskiy Peterburger (Gangster Petersburger) is about a city that has fallen into the hands of the mafia and our hero has to solve a case that his life—and the future of the city itself—depends on. The sitcom Zhivoy Sredi Chuzhikh (Alive Among Strangers) focuses on the life of a family surviving in a zombie apocalypse. 
1-2-3 Production 

1-2-3 Production will showcase ten new projects at MIPCOM, including the action-packed Polyot (The Flight) by Pyotr Todorovsky, which was recognized as the best TV series at the Serial Killer festival in the Czech Republic. This thriller tells the story of construction company employees who narrowly escape death and make drastic changes to their lives by conquering their biggest fears. 

The studio will also present Anastasia Palchikova’s feature-length drama Masha, the story of a strong girl who grew up in a provincial town in the 1990s among bandits and hooligans, which won Best Debut at the Kinotavr Film Festival in September. 

Other projects to be presented at MIPCOM include Amedia Production’s mystery thriller Identifikatsiya (Identification) by director Vladlen Sandu and the new hit Igra na Vyzhivanie (Survival Game) by Karen Oganesyan. 1-2-3 Production will also present a number of its newest projects, including those that are still in production and open for coproduction.    

The Beta Film international distributor will present 1-2-3 Production’s most anticipated upcoming project, the noir drama Dyatlov Pass, by Valery Fyodorovich and Evgeny Nikishov, based on a real-life Soviet mystery that has fascinated people around the world, about a group of students who died under mysterious circumstances while hiking in the north of Sverdlovsk Oblast in 1959. The show will premiere on TNT and PREMIER in the fall. 

The British TV distributor Cineflix Rights will talk about the first and second seasons of the Obychnaya Zhenshina (An Ordinary Woman) as part of its MIPCOM presentation. Filmed by Boris Khlebnikov, the show has won numerous Kinotavr awards. 

1-2-3 Production’s Epidemiya (To the Lake), which was presented at MIPCOM in 2019, launched on Netflix last week in the premium Netflix Originals category and has already become one of the top five shows on one of the world’s largest online video services. After conquering the world, it is expected to become one of the main events on Russian television this season, airing on TV-3 starting October 12. As with many of the studio’s projects, To the Lake is already available to PREMIER’s subscribers. 

Central Partnership

The largest Russian film distributor will present a lineup of feature-length films, including two films by Klim Shipenko, Tekst (Text) and Kholop (The Peasant), as well as the thriller Devyataya (The Ninth) by Nikolay Khomeriki, the horror Yaga. Koshmar Temnogo Lesa (Baba Yaga. Terror of the Dark Forest) by Svyatoslav Podgaevsky, and the fantasy thriller Avanpost (The Outpost) by Egor Baranov. 

The animated features Fiksiki. Bolshoy Sekret (The Fixies. Top Secret) and Fiksiki Protiv Krabotov (Fixies vs. Krabots), made by Aeroplan studio, we be presented at MIPJunior. 

Moreover, Soyuzmultfilm will present its new animated mystery Tayny Medovoy Doliny (Secrets of Honey Valley) for children aged 4–6, the first joint project between the PREMIER video service and Soyuzmultfilm studio and available exclusively to subscribers of PREMIER. The companies are also collaborating on other exciting projects.