The nine largest Russian digital companies - VimpelCom, Gazprom-Media Holding, Kaspersky Lab, MegaFon, MTS, Mail.Ru Group, National Media Group, Rostelecom and Yandex - have announced the creation of an Alliance for the Protection of Children in the Digital Sphere. The heads of the companies that founded the Alliance signed a cooperation agreement in the presence of the Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Day of Knowledge, which has been celebrated in Russia since 1984.

The main goal of the Alliance for the Protection of Children in the Digital Sphere is the creation of a child-friendly online environment using creative and safe technologies and digital solutions. This will allow children to increase their knowledge base, find what they need in the digital space, learn how to behave responsibly when online and develop a strong moral compass.

The companies that are part of the Alliance aim to increase the level of digital literacy, carry out educational campaigns, training on online safety, digital hygiene and online risks for children, teachers and parents. The companies also agreed to compile constructive content, promote it among the target audience and create favourable conditions for developing the children’s creative capacities, socialisation level and safe interaction in the digital environment.

The members of the Alliance are determined to identify and restrict children’s access to content that could be harmful to their health and development, remove illegal content and swiftly respond to user complaints or other notices about harmful content.

One of the key tasks for the Alliance will be to establish a dialogue with the state and international organisations about the protection of children in the digital sphere, and the development and improvement of relevant information and technology solutions.

Working and consulting groups will be created to implement the agreement. The members of the Alliance will use these groups to carry out research and share best practices about protecting children in the digital environment.