Detskoe Radio was in the spotlight at the Solnyshko (Orlyonok Centre) summer camp. The youngest of the schoolchildren enjoyed memorable, fun and productive summer holidays on the Black Sea as they learned about the nuances of radio work and even went on air.

The Detskoe Radio team came to the Black Sea coast in early August to give the boys and girls an unforgettable time at camp. The kids from the media squad got to take part in the educational program Detskoe Radio School.

Over the next three weeks, the young radio journalists immersed themselves into the world of radio. There were interesting meetings, interviews, master classes and talent showcases. The kids found out who invented radio, what a radio wave is, what qualities a radio host needs and how to overcome stage fright, whether it comes up in a live broadcast or a classroom presentation, what is voice gymnastics and whether it can help in everyday life. They even invented their own tongue twisters to learn how to pronounce words clearly.

Detskoe Radio hosts taught the future journalists how to write a film review so that others would want to see it, how to draft a news release and prepare for an interview. The boys and girls role played being interviewers and interviewees, and soon got to use this skill in real life. After the screening of the film Robo, they took part in a real press conference with the film’s lead actor Daniil Muravyov-Izotov.

The presentations of the children who attended the Detskoe Radio School in Orlyonok can be seen on the radio station’s official pages in VKontakte and Instagram. Photos and videos from the summer camp program are also uploaded there. More details about the program are available on Detskoe Radio and the website