A day of open presentations was held on February 15 in Moscow as part of Serebryannyi Luchnik, a national award in the field of public relations. Gazprom-Media acted as a partner of the awards in the nomination “Corporate social responsibility” (CSR).

Erika Kuyantseva, head of corporate social responsibility and Gazprom-Media’s human resources director, made a presentation about the Holding’s projects in the area of CSR.

She talked about the main provisions of the Holding’s adopted corporate social responsibility strategy, which has become an important element in Gazprom-Media’s overall business strategy.

Gazprom-Media is shifting focus from one-time charitable actions to giving complex support and promoting socially significant topics. Six priority areas in CSR were chosen. They correspond to the values of the Holding: education, health, environmental protection, sport and a healthy lifestyle, family and spiritual values, and support for rising talents.

Socially significant projects and initiatives are covered in a 360-degree format on the television channels and radio stations of the Holding, as well as in the digital sphere. In 2017, more than 80 projects, which attracted the attention of millions of spectators and listeners to social problems, were carried out on the basis of Gazprom-Media’s resources. Erika Kuyantseva presented some of the CSR projects that were implemented in 2017.

“As the largest media holding, we possess a wide range of media and creative capacities for incorporating socially significant topics into our content. Our assets are represented across all segments of the media market - television, radio, press, Internet. This allows us to achieve a synergistic effect when incorporating social projects and to create a powerful information flow,” she summed up.