The Ministry of Education and Science announced the results of the IV All-Russian Award “For Fidelity to Science” on February 6. The NTV channel’s program Chyudo Tekhniki (The Miracle of Technology) won in the nomination “Best TV program.” The program is shown on the channel on Sundays at 11:05.

The program has already been on air for five years and is invariably popular with viewers. In the 2016-2017 TV season, its average daily viewership share was 11.6% among an audience aged 18 and over, while among men this share reached 13.7%.

Chyudo Tekhniki tells about the most interesting inventions of modern time, which are already changing the lives of people, and also about how science explains the world around us. The author and host of the program, Sergey Malozyomov, has traveled around the world several times to meet with the leading scientists of the planet, made nine documentary films that are part of the series Nauchnye Rassledovaniya Sergeya Malozyomova (Sergey Malozyomov’s Scientific Investigations), and wrote the book Tekhnologia Bessmertiya (The Technology of Immortality).