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29 April 2022

​Gazprom-Media carries out second hackathon on Big Data analysis in sports broadcasts

Gazprom-Media is carrying out a second Hack the Media hackathon to determine the key trends in sports broadcasting. The winners will be announced on September 13 at the Big Data Conference in Moscow. The hackathon’s prize fund is 500,000 rubles, which will be distributed among the teams that finish in the top three places.

Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV segment is a partner of the Big Data Conference, which is held by Rusbase and Global Innovation Labs. This is the first time in five years of holding the event that the hosts have organized a Big Data Hackathon, which includes the Hack the Media event, to supplement the usual conference program.

The participants of Gazprom-Media’s second hackathon will have to create an algorithm that will automatically determine the key moments in football broadcasts. Key moments include goals, substitutions, warnings (yellow card), corners, and kicks on goal. The main goal of the hackathon is to develop an algorithm that will automatically predict during the broadcast when these key moments will take place.

Big data analysis and artificial intelligence help us to create premium media products. Now we are actively using Big Data to develop our TNT-Premier platform, as well as to launch complex marketing campaigns in the digital environment. Studying the data pool in sports broadcasting will help us to improve sports content. For example, it will speed up the search for key game moments in a large volume of broadcasts, as well as simplify the work of commentators and their preparation for live broadcasts,said Dmitry Chernyshenko, CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding.

The hakaton on the analysis of sports broadcasts is held as an online championship. The championship participants were given 32 broadcast records of football matches from the 1/8 stage of the World Cup and several Russian Premier League tours. Teams or independent participants solve the task remotely based on the data provided. A ranking of hackathon participants is already visible on the event website, which will be updated daily until September 7. Participants can improve their position in the ranking by re-sending the results and source code before the championship ends. Preliminary results of the competition will be announced on September 10. The top five participants in the ranking will receive tickets to the conference, where representatives of Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV will look over their work and select three winners.

Gazprom-Media carried out the first Hack the Media hackathon in the spring of 2018. The aim of the event was to find new ideas and solutions in the field of big data for Gazprom-Media’s entertainment television segment. The winners offered algorithms for creating recommendations for entertainment and sports video content, as well as a service for an instant video search with specific scenes in a large amount of video files. The Holding continues to work with the winners of the first hackathon as part of the pilot projects based on the “digital sandbox” of Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV Hack the Media Space.