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29 April 2022

​Netflix subscribers to see NTV series Hozhdenie po Mukam

The 12-episode 2017 TV series Hozhdenie po Mukam (The Road to Calvary), one of the most ambitious projects on NTV (part of Gazprom-Media Holding), is now available to Netflix subscribers.

The inclusion of the series Hozhdenie po Mukam in the Netflix library gives us an opportunity to present the project to a global audience. Of course, it is important for the reputation not only of NTV, but the whole Russian television market, that Netflix acquired for the first time specifically the adaptation of a historical series with all the Russian mentality it showcases. But no less important is the fact that foreign players at the level of Netflix are ready to start serious commercial relations with NTV, thus offering us vast opportunities to develop our international distribution,said Timur Weinstein, NTV general manager and producer of Hozhdenie po Mukam series.

NTV has been actively expanding the distribution of its content on the international market since 2017. The distributor Armoza Formats has acquired the rights to the detective series Proklyatie Spyashih (The Curse of the Sleeping) and Trassa Smerti (Highway of Death), a detective series with mystic elements. Global Agency, one of the largest players on the global TV market, has bought the rights to the historical action-drama ALZHIR, while Banijay Group is working on the distribution of the talk show Sekret na Million (Secret for a Million).