Gazprom media, the leading diversified media holding in Russia and Eastern Europe, announces the launch of the Alkasar content service, project allowing Russian regional TV channels to get access to television content of Gazprom media company.

The company Alkasar content service will be responsible for the sales of the holding’s library rights to regional broadcasters, and offer them the opportunity to form the channel’s broadcast taking into account peculiarities of TV viewing, TV audience and its editorial policy.

The company has already formed package offers – network program, consisting of more than 75% of the Russian content most of which are movies and series.

Gazprom-Media library of rights includes projects of holding’s companies Central Partnership, NTV-Kino, Comedy Club Production, GoodStory Media, Red Media, NTV-Plus, as well as projects of own production of TV channels NTV, TNT, TV-3, Friday!, Match TV and 2x2. These are films, serials, entertainment, educational and information programs, animation and documentaries.

TV Broadcasters will be able to create packages both on the basis of their own content, and from foreign content, on which the holding has rights.

"Due to the consolidation of several production studios and domestic production of our TV channels, today Gazprom media is the owner of one of the largest libraries of TV content in Russia. Creating customized content offers for regional broadcasters is consistent with our strategy to monetize accumulated content library ", - said CEO Gazprom media Dmitry Chernyshenko.

"In recent years, the share of audience on regional TV has declined substantially; many TV channels have to abandon their own production and to enter into a partnership with television networks. Today, we can offer the access to the largest Russian library of rights, to high-quality content, which is the level of federal TV channels, and that will allow local players to improve their competitive strength,"- commented CEO of Alkasar content service Peter Rybak.