The US company Fox launched the series Through my eyes - the adaptation of the TNT series Through My Eyes, which was released in 2013. This is the first time when the US is adapting of Russian network in serial format.

The producer of the project is Lawrence Bender - a man who worked on such successful films like Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Inglourious Basterds, Kill Bill and many others. Executive producer of the adaptation is Zaur Bolotayev - Russian production director, director of photography and producer of the original format of Through My Eyes. In Russia, he worked on such TNT serials as Interny, Univer, SASHA TANYA and Zaitsev + 1.

The serial Through My Eyes became the first mystery novel of TNT channel. It became the beginning of the channel’s proprietary line of TV serial, which was later extended by such hits as Sweet Life, Chernobyl: Zona otchuzhdeniya, ZKD and Izmeny. The idea of the serial Through My Eyes and the script belong to Ilya Kulikov, one of the best Russian writers (Karpov, Glukhar and others.)

Russian mass media called Through My Eyes is a breakthrough in the domestic TV and compared it with the TV serial Twin Peaks. The serial’s genre is psevdoreality. The actors were wearing a helmet with a camera during the film shooting, which was developed specifically for this project. Therefore, Through My Eyes is the only serial in the world, which was shot wholly by subjective camera. In addition, a new hero appeared in each serial, and the viewer sees the world through the eyes of a character, on whose behalf the narration is conducted.

"We sold the format of Through My Eyes to the Fox as far back as 2014 - says the producer of the serial, a TNT Deputy General Producer Valery Fedorovich. - Since then, realizing what a high level of competition exists in the United States in the production of TV serial, we have waited for the information about the early start. We were very glad that it's finally happened, and even more pleased that Lawrence Bender will produce the project, a person with such filmography. Adaptation of the Russian serial in the US - it is a huge success not only for TNT, but for the whole Russian TV. We hope that after that the American colleagues will draw attention to our market of TV serial and will open Russia as they previously have opened Britain and Israel».