Gazprom-Media Holding sums up TV viewing for the first half of 2022, based on data from Mediascope.
By the end of H1 2022, Gazprom-Media Holding ranked first in terms of volume of television viewers aged 14 to 44, with an aggregate share of 25.2%. The holding has been top for more than 10 years. The growth of indicators was made possible by premieres and different genres of content on the holding’s TV channels.
The rate of decline in TV viewing slowed in H1 2022, averaging 6–8% for the young audience (14–44 years). Meanwhile, that indicator is -3% in H1 2022, and the 18+ audience is up 1% over the same period last year.
In the first half of 2022, Gazprom Media Holding’s TV channels showed stable indicators in the entertainment TV segment. Compared with H1 2021, certain holding’s channels showed growth in their target audiences.
•    NTV stays among the country’s top-3 TV channels for a viewer audience aged 18+, holding its position for more than 25 years. The channel’s share was 9% in H1 2022; in June, the channel ranked second in the top channels for the “All 18+” TV viewer audience category.
•    TNT’s share of 7.3% among viewers aged 14–44 years reached 8.0% in June, giving the channel the lead for the month.
•    The audience of the Pyatnitsa! TV channel has been growing steadily for nine years. The channel’s share increased by 7% in H1 2022 over H1 2021 to 4.6%. The channel’s rating growth since its launch was 53% (against a declining overall TV viewing level of -32% in H1 2022 compared to the same period in 2014). In addition, the channel set several new records in 2022: the weekly share was 5.8% (June 13–19, 2022), the monthly share was 5.3% (June 2022), the share for Q2 2022 was 4.7%, and the share for H1 2022 reached 4.6%.
•    TV-3 still shows stable indicators: the channel’s share in H1 2022 was 4.1%. In the daytime weekday broadcasts (9:00–16:00) TV-3 was one of the top five channels for the audience in the “All 14–44” category and the leader for the female audience aged 14–44 (8.3%)
•    The share of the Match TV sports channel among men aged 14–59 was 2.6%. The channel provided viewers with the most spectacular sports broadcasts in H1 2022. (Champions League Final – 19.8%, Biathlon. World Cup – 13.2%, Winter Olympics. Short Track – 13.5%)
•    The Subbota! entertainment channel for modern and active girls and women aged 18–45 was launched in 2021. The share of Subbota! in this audience for H1 2022 was 1.4%, which is 6% higher than the channel’s share in 2021. The TV channel hit record highs in H1 2022 with a 2.8% share for the day (June 15), 2% share for the week (June 13–19) and 1.6% share for Q2 2022.
•    TNT4 showed stable figures for H1: the of TV channel share was 1.1%.