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11 July 2022

Gazprom-Media Holding sums up the results of Russian Creative Week 2022

The third Russian Creative Week (RCW) forum ended in Gorky Park in Moscow. There were 11 themed pavilions on the park’s embankment on July 7–10. They were platforms for daily lectures, workshops, public talk shows, presentations, film and animation shows, open interviews and other activities dedicated to the development of the creative sector of the economy. The RCW program included more than 300 events with over 1,000 speakers from more than 400 companies.
Gazprom-Media Holding was the general media partner of RCW. 18 representatives of the holding participated in 21 events, including seven in-house sessions organized by the holding: workshops, discussions and public lectures by TV-3 and Match TV channels, RUTUBE video hosting, YAPPY social network, PREMIER online cinema and GPM KIT group of companies.

Aleksandr Zharov, General Director of Gazprom-Media Holding, spoke at the “Creative Industries: the New Geometry of Partnership Alliances” session.
Yulia Golubeva, Deputy General Director of Gazprom-Media Holding, took part in the media breakfast with top-managers of “Q&A on creative industries” media, spoke at the session titled “Safety Mode: what does the Russian creative industry need for stable work?” and public talk “Development of backstage professions as the basis of a creative economy”, attended the meeting of RCW professional guilds representatives and moderated the “Educational work in the Digital Age” discussion organized by the holding and RUTUBE.
Tina Kandelaki, Deputy General Director of Gazprom-Media Holding and Acting Director of TNT, spoke at the session “How to create a new type of mass communication media that is in demand. The methodology of design and work with the target audience in the new reality.” The session titled “Student Internships: Finding a balance between their benefits for the media business and their value for higher education institutions and students”, organized by the holding and GPM KIT, featured Antonina Priezzheva, Human Resources Director of Gazprom-Media Holding, Lili Sherosia, TV-3 Director, and Georgy Ryumin, Creative Producer at GPM KIT and head of the Territory of KIT CSR Project.
Speakers in other sessions included, among others, Sofia Mitrofanova, General Director of PREMIER, Andrey Tereshok, General Director of GPM KIT, Alexey Fedorko, General Director of Vokrug TV and SRSLY, David Kocharov, General Producer of RUTUBE, Danila Ovcharov, General Director of YAPPY, Albina Mukhametzyanova, General Director of Animation Company Yarko, and Vadim Vereshchagin, General Director of Central Partnership.
Organizers of the forum were Creative Economy autonomous non-profit organization, the Russian Book Union and Roskulttsentr, with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives. RCW was held for the third year and has become a major platform for dialogue between the creative industries, business and government. Gazprom-Media Holding, as a trendsetter in the creative sector of the economy, actively participates in the event’s program every year.