On July 30, volunteers from Gazprom Media Holding, MATCH TV and TNT4, jointly with the students of media classes from Moscow schools Nos. 1571 and 1241, took part in a voluntary activity at the supported Krug (Circle) Creative Association charity. The volunteers helped polish the ceramics made by Krug members.

Krug is a unique workshop where people with disabilities make souvenirs: ceramics, wooden items, textile toys, etc. The workshop also hosts ceramics workshops.

Marina Men, Director of the Krug inclusive workshop, thanked the volunteers for their assistance. The volunteers registered on Dobro.ru were assigned the hours worked in a digital volunteer book as recognition for their efforts.

It is possible to join the volunteer community on Dobro.ru: upon registration, search for the holding’s account (ID: 10026291) and click the “Ready to help” button.

With an account on Dobro.ru, you can take over 30 online courses for volunteers, obtain a digital volunteer book, receive messages on volunteer activities, etc.

Support of volunteer activities and socially relevant projects forms an integral part of the corporate social policy of Gazprom Media Holding. As part of the development of the corporate volunteer center, charities’ requests are processed, and the holding’s employees are engaged in volunteer activities on an ongoing basis.