Moscow, Russia - The television creative association Alexander Maslyakov and Company" (AMIC) in cooperation with the holding Gazprom-Media announce the creation of the TV channel KVN TV. The new channel will start broadcasting in June 1, 2016.

The basis of the channel KVN TV will be the KVN games of Higher and Premier Leagues, festivals in Jurmala and Sochi, programs about KVN, reports from club events, programs with stars of KVN and Russian show business. The channel will provide viewers a good mood; give the opportunity to see performances of favorite teams and famous artists.

The channel will be created on the technological and technical base of the company Red Media, part of Gazprom-media. The creative team Red Media will develop the essential graphic design of KVN TV by the start of the channel broadcasting.

KVN TV will be distributed on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries, including the CIS, the Baltic States, Georgia, Abkhazia. Red Media will also engage in distribution of the new channel.

"KVN - is a game that during many years delights the audience and, I hope, will delight many, many years. Millions of people have played, play and will play in our club. KVN - a unique game, our, Russian, that has no analogues, but it is played in many countries. I wish the audience and the participants of the club, that KVN continued to cheer up the people all over the world - for what, in fact, we created a KVN TV, - said President of AMIC Alexander Maslyakov.

Gazprom-Media is the leader in TV entertainment, and the partnership with AMIC will allow us to expand our offer in this segment. KVN has long gone beyond a single program: thousands of hours of best entertainment show, which loves and knows the whole country. I am pleased that in our portfolio will be a separate channel dedicated to the most favorite humorous game that has a rich history and loyal TV audience "- said General Director of JSC Gazprom-media Dmitry Chernyshenko.

"KVN is a unique format not only for Russia but also for the global content market. It has a surprising combination of two of the most popular components - creativity and competitive spirit. Not surprisingly, many decades, new generations of young people addicted to this wonderful game, which is become their lifestyle. Our company, and I am personally delighted that we have the opportunity to be involved in this truly popular movement and to do one of our main objectives - to bring joy to millions of our viewers, "- said General Director of the sub-holding GPM KIT Rafael Minasbekyan, in the past the captain of KVN team ErMI, a major league champion in 1992 and 1994.