On March 29th the Association of Film and Television Producers (APKIT) presented the award for best national TV films and TV serials, which were aired in 2015. NTV and TNT serials became winners in four categories.

The serial “Leningrad 46” (production of 3x Media), which was premiered on NTV in the spring of the last year, was marked by the association in two categories: "Best TV serial of more than 24 series" and actor Sergey Garmash for the leading role in a serial won an award as the "TV serial best actor," he shared his title with Konstantin Khabensky for the role in the serial "Method".

The serial of TNT channel "Betrayal" also took the awards in two categories: for the "Best TV mini-serial" and "Best screenplay." The competition for top prizes was between TNT project and such popular serials as "Method", "Hangman", "Great" and "Pregnancy Test".

The award APKIT is given on the basis of the evaluation of the jury, which consists of representatives of the 27 production companies, creating movies and TV products for the Russian market.

Five television projects of the holding Gazprom-Media, which were presented in 10 different categories, were included in the short-list of award. Besides TV projects "Betrayal" and "Leningrad 46", which have received the prizes, such comedy serials as "Interns", "Anxious, or love is evil", the director of "Betrayal" Vadim Perelman and the film editor Alexey Bobrov, actresses of "Betrayal" Elena Lyadova and Glafira Tarkhanova and also Olga Dibtseva in the "Anxious" challenged the APKIT awards. The project "Team 8" by film company "Central Partnership" was in the list of nominees for the best television film.

"Leningrad 46" became the most popular serial project of NTV in 2015, with the coverage share of 15.8% in the coverage of over 18 years old. The serial "Betrayal" on TNT was on the air with a share of 16.6% of TV viewing in the target audience of 14-44 years old.

The Association of Film and Television Producers was founded in 2009 and now comprises 27 largest production companies focused on the production of films and TV movies, TV serials and programs of different genres for the Russian market. Members of the Board of the Association and working groups are involved in the projects of association on a voluntary basis, combining this work with their main job.