Television channels TNT, Friday!, TNT4 (part of Gazprom-Media) are the finalists of the prestigious contest in the field of television marketing and design, PromaxBDA Promotion, Marketing and Design Global Excellence Awards 2018. Gazprom-Media TV channels are represented in the shortlist by 26 marketing and advertising works. The winners of the contest will be announced at the PromaxBDA conference on June 14 in New York.

TNT became the leader among Russian TV channels in terms of the number of works represented on the shortlist. The contest final includes 20 of the channel’s works in various nominations: on-air and off-air promo, promotion on digital platforms, integration of brands. In the on-air promo category, there are videos that promoted the channel’s broadcasts as well as on-air integration of sponsor brands. In the off-air promo category, the jury recognized the creative text and ad campaign to the series Filfak (Linguistics Department). The radio ad piece to the series Filfak made it into the contest’s shortlist and is represented in the nomination “Radio piece that promotes a program.” The jury also recognized the promotion of the comedy series Fizruk (Gym Teacher) and the video that was shown on the facade of the Bolshoi Theater. Three works from the outdoor advertising campaign for the show Pesny (Songs) were represented in three nominations and commended by the jury on their artistic idea and creative design.

Six of TNT’s advertising works in the digital sphere are among the finalists of the award. Among them - quests on Instagram to the series Univer and the online game “Pozvoni Fome” (Call Foma) to promote Fizruk. It is also worth noting the country-wide initiative Popadi na TNT (Get into TNT), which was carried out across 22 Russian cities and has already received a silver at the Effie Awards 2018.

Also among the award contenders are five marketing works of Friday! TV channel, represented in six nominations. The promo video to the show Oryol i Reshka. America (Heads or Tails. America) made it into the final in two nominations, “Best promo of a day program” and “Best non-fiction promo.” The promo videos to the Quentin Tarantino films Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight are represented in the nomination “Best promo of a film.” The promotion of the series Lyubimtsy (Pets) - casting of real pets for the series - is contending for an award in the nomination “Best online campaign.” The nomination “Best innovation on digital platforms” includes the channel’s promo campaign on social networks, timed to the showing of the Harry Potter films. The channel invited VKontakte users to create dynamic covers based on the hashtag #shlyaparaspredeli (Hat, sort me). The logo of the show “Na Nozhah” (Knives at the Ready) is represented in the nomination “Best logo design.”

TNT4 channel reached the final of the contest with a promo video to the films Die Hard 4 and Die Hard 5 in the nomination “Something for nothing.”

Last year, the television channels TNT, TV-3 and Friday! received five prizes at the PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards 2017.