On May 24, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum’s business program will feature the American futurologist and writer Martin Ford, one of the recognized gurus on the topic of artificial intelligence and author of the book Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future. He will take part in the discussion panel “Media in the age of artificial intelligence: A survival guide.”

Other participants of the discussion include the CEO of Gazprom-Media Dmitry Chernyshenko, vice-president of the Japanese advertising and communications holding Dentsu Inc. Hiroshi Igarashi, and general manager of ABBYY Russia Dmitry Shushkin. French actor and director Vincent Perez will be a special guest at the event, while Andrey Sharonov, president of SKOLKOVO business school, will moderate the discussion.

The discussion panel will be devoted to the scenarios for the development of media in the age of artificial intelligence. The writer-futurologist Martin Ford will speak about the changes in the economy of the future and about how the new informational reality and transformation of the media influence the shaping of future society.

CEO of Gazprom-Media Dmitry Chernyshenko will devote his presentation to the key trends that will influence the structure of content consumption, what changes the media landscape should expect in the era of virtual reality, how artificial intelligence will affect creative professions and how it can be put to work for the service of the media industry.

Vice-president of Dentsu Inc. Hiroshi Igarashi will give an overview of the trends in the media industry in Japan and talk about how new technologies and artificial intelligence can lead to the creation of fundamentally new media consumption patterns.

Dmitry Shushkin, head of ABBYY Russia, will talk about investments into intelligent solutions and share the experience of ABBYY in putting artificial intelligence and machine learning to work.

The actor and director Vincent Perez will look into the questions about creating content and the role of creativity in the world of the future.