Gazprom-Media’s television channels and radio stations have prepared a special program, music and film lineup for Victory Day. Fragments of the poetic work Vassili Tyorkin will be heard on the radio station Humour FM, while the stars of TNT channel will tell stories of their relatives who participated in the war.


On May 9, Victory Day, NTV channel will show the Victory Parade, legendary films about heroic deeds, valour and heroism, as well as special holiday editions of popular programs.

NTV’s morning broadcast on May 9 will start with the legendary film by Grigory Chukhray Ballada o Soldate (Ballad of a Soldier), which tells the story of a young and brave communications man Alyosha Skvortsov (Vladimir Ivashov). The TV channel will then show viewers the last directing and acting work of Leonid Bykov, the film Aty-Baty, Shli Soldaty (One-Two, Soldiers Were Going…), whose plot focuses on the heroic feat of a Komsomol platoon that stopped a column of German tanks.

The holiday lineup will continue with a live broadcast of the Victory Parade in honour of the 73rd anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War, which traditionally takes place on Red Square.

As one of its main gifts to viewers, NTV has prepared a special edition of the program Zhdi Menya (Wait for me). War heroes who dreamed of reuniting with each other for many years will finally meet in the studio of the program.

NTV viewers will also get to watch Mikhail Kalatozov’s film Letyat Zhuravli (The Cranes are Flying). The film won a golden palm branch at the international Cannes Film Festival, and tells the stories of people whose lives were mercilessly altered by the war.

The premiere of the film Odin v Pole Voin (One Warrior Left in the Field) will be shown as part of the holiday lineup. The film centers on the Red Army soldier Ivan, played by Aleksandr Sokolovsky, who has to battle the enemy face to face.

NTV will wrap up its holiday broadcast with the screening of the film V Avguste 44-ogo (In August of 1944). The premiere of the historical drama Topor (The Axe), whose action unfolds in 1941, will take place at 21:50. At the center of the plot is an old hermit who lives in the taiga, played by Andrey Smolyakov. The news about the beginning of the Great Patriotic War will make the hermit remember his past as an army officer and return to defend the Motherland.

Match TV

On May 9, the TV channel will show the film Match and the documentary film Na Ruinah Stalingrada. 1:0 v Polzu Zhizni (On the Ruins of Stalingrad. 1:0 in Favour of Life). The film tells the story of a unique, heroic football match between Moscow Spartak and a team of footballers from Stalingrad, who played in Dynamo colours. The match went into the history books under the name “Na ruinah Stalingrada.”

The channel’s informational bulletins will also be dedicated to Victory Day. A special issue of the program Vse Na Match: Istoricheskie Futbolnye Matchi (All to the Match: Historical Football Matches) will be shown.


TNT filmed special inter-program videos in which the channel’s main stars talk about their relatives, participants of the Great Patriotic War.

Gazprom-Media Radio

Gazprom-Media Radio stations also prepared special programming for Victory Day. Avtoradio is an official information partner of all Moscow events related to Victory Day. The station will also air a historical recording of Yuri Levitan announcing the victory in the Great Patriotic War one minute before the start of the Victory Parade on Red Square. Songs from the war years, performed by contemporary artists, will be heard every hour on the station’s airwaves. Two issues of the program Avtoradio Pozdravlyaet (Avtoradio Congratulates) will be dedicated to Victory Day, as well as five issues of the special program Narodnye Novosti (The People’s News).

The hosts of the radio station Humour FM will congratulate veterans on air. Over the whole day, the station will play fragments of the classic poetic work Vassili Tyorkin, as performed by Nikita Mikhalkov.

The informational bulletins on the radio stations ENERGY and Detskoe Radio will be dedicated to the holiday date, while the radio stations Romantika, Relax FM and Like FM will tell listeners about Victory Day events and initiatives in Moscow.