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29 April 2022

​Gazprom-Media’s TV channels win 10 TEFI awards

The television channels Friday!, TNT, NTV and TV-3 (part of Gazprom-Media Holding) won 10 awards at TEFI 2018, the biggest national awards for the television industry. The award ceremony took place on October 3 at the Moscow Musicals Theater.

The TV channel Friday! collected four awards, TNT - three awards, NTV - two awards, and TV-3 picked up one. Gazprom-Media Holding became the leader this year in terms of the number of television award nominees - the TEFI short list featured 72 applications by the Holding’s channels NTV, TNT, Friday!, Match TV and TV-3 in 32 nominations.

Both viewers and TV critics love the projects of our TV channels. They are successful thanks to the work of the whole team, which keeps improving the familiar television genres and formats. It is particularly pleasant that our daring project Gogol was recognized as the main event of the television season. It broke all the rules when it became the first TV series to be shown in the movie theatres before being broadcast on TV. We are also very pleased that an award was given to our project Tantsy (Dances), which has been breaking records for television viewership in the weekend’s evening primetime slot over several seasons. The results of TEFI 2018 showed that television not only serves as entertainment, but can also successfully fulfill an important social function. As such, the professional community recognized the contribution to the industry made by Nikolay Kartozia, the head of one of our leading television channels. And we are very proud that a special prize for her personal contribution to Russian television was given to our legend, the journalist and TV host Tatyana Mitkova. Her new project Krutaya Istoriya (Cool Story) opened the jubilee season of NTV, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary,” said Dmitry Chernyshenko, CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding.

The TEFI jury recognized the general manager of Friday! channel, Nikolay Kartozia, as the best television producer of the season. In its five years of broadcasting, the television channel has firmly established itself in the segment of entertainment television and has become one of the most successful and fastest-growing Russian channels among an audience aged 14-44. Today, the channel’s brand portfolio features more than 24 projects, including Sekretny Millioner (The Secret Millionaire), Patsanky (Tomboys), Nasledniki (Heirs), Instagramshitsy (Instagrammers), Makeupery (Makeup Artists), Golos Ulits (The Voice of the Streets), Lyubimtsy (Pets), Revizorro and many others.

The prize for the main television event of the season went to the film Gogol. Nachalo (Gogol. The Beginning), which was produced by TV-3 channel and Sreda production company. Gogol is the first TV series to be released in movie theatres and is now considered the boldest film franchise. Gogol. Nachalo is the first part of the trilogy. The final part Gogol. Strashnaya Mest (Gogol. The Terrible Revenge) opened in cinemas in August of this year. In total, the three films collected more than 1.3 billion rubles at the box office. The films, which are based on the works of Nikolai Gogol as well as his biography, were also released abroad in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Cyprus, the UAE and other countries. In 2019, TV-3 will broadcast the Gogol film series, which will consist of eight episodes, including two completely new episodes.


Friday! channel won three TEFI awards in the “Daytime broadcast” category. The Russian season of the travel show Oryol y Reshka (Heads or Tails) received an Orpheus statuette in the nomination “Entertainment program: Lifestyle.” The season was filmed by Nozhi, the channel’s own new producer center. This is the third TEFI award for the project. The travel show Oryol y Reshka has aired on Friday! channel since 2013. Several new seasons have appeared over the past year, including Oryol y Reshka. Perezagruzka (Heads or Tails. Reboot), Oryol y Reshka. Po Moryam (Heads or Tails: To the Sea), Oryol y Reshka. Ray ili Ad (Heads or Tails. Heaven or Hell), and the much-anticipated Russian season, Oryol y Reshka. Rossiya (Heads or Tails. Russia). The best episodes of the Russian season in the 19:00 time slot got a viewership share of 5.8% among an audience aged 14-44 years, according to Mediascope.

The show Revizorro won a TEFI in the nomination “Journalistic investigation” for the second time. The host Nastasya Samburskaya continues to inspect restaurants and hotels in the new season. In the “Education program” nomination, the award went to the project Mir Naiznanku (The World Inside Out).

In its five years on the air, Friday! has won nine TEFI awards, including prizes for best reality show, best entertainment lifestyle program, best journalistic investigation and best evening talk show.


TNT won two awards in the “Daytime broadcast” category. Marina Kravets, host of Bolshoy Zavtrak (Big Breakfast), won a TEFI in the nomination “Morning program host.” The show launched on TNT in February of this year as part of the Saturday morning primetime lineup. On the show, Marina Kravets and chef Artyom Losev invite famous personalities of Russian television, film and show business to a cafe, prepare dishes with them or treat them to their own culinary inventions.

The TV series Ulitsa (The Street), created by Good Story Media (part of Gazprom-Media Holding), won in the nomination “Daytime television series.” It launched in the fall of 2017 and combines several genres: drama, comedy, and reality. The series features more than 30 characters who live on the same street. Some of them are real people that viewers can communicate with through social networks.

The reality show Tantsy (Dances) won in the “Evening primetime” category. Created by the general producer of TNT, Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov, the show received a TEFI as the best “Entertainment program.” TNT is now broadcasting the show’s fifth season. The premiere episode of the new season secured the channel its leadership in the Saturday evening slot. According to Mediascope, the share of television watching for Tantsy was 15.8% among viewers aged 14 to 44.


NTV channel received a TEFI award in the "Daytime talk show" nomination for the program Zhdi Menya (Wait for me). The legendary project was first broadcast in 1998, and is on NTV since the fall of 2017. The program, which is beloved by viewers for almost 20 years, has kept its individual style and social significance. More than 200,000 people have been found since Zhdi Menya came on the air. A network of volunteers has been established in Russia, the CIS countries and abroad on the basis of the project. Popular Russian actors Alexander Lazarev and Tatyana Arntgolts took over hosting duties for Zhdi Menya in the new season.

The TEFI jury also gave a special prize to the famous TV host Tatyana Mitkova for her personal contributions to Russian television. She has worked for NTV since the channel was established 25 years ago. Her new author project Krutaya Istoriya (Cool Story), in which she also serves at the host, recently launched on NTV. The subjects of the program are memorable people who successfully responded to the challenges of fate.