Gazprom-Media Holding had a record number of victories at the most prestigious international award in the field of television design and marketing, PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards 2018. The awards ceremony for the winners took place on June 14 in New York. The professional jury recognized 14 works of TV channels NTV, TNT, Friday! and TNT4 (part of Gazprom-Media), including their on-air promos, digital media and outdoor advertising.

“The promo and design of our TV channels has long been a signature of the holding. The works of our creative teams are distinguished by a recognizable brand style, vibrant and bold ideas, which emerge thanks to a unique, creative atmosphere. It is very joyful that this time the jury recognized the promotion of our own shows and programs with the top awards, as well as the promo campaigns to films. We are especially proud of the fact that our case studies are effective not only on air, but also in the digital environment,” said Dmitry Chernyshenko, CEO of Gazprom-Media.

TNT became the leader among Russian channels in terms of the number of awards received. It won nine - three gold, one silver and five bronze.

The gold and silver of the PromaxBDA Awards 2018 went to TNT’s marketing works in the digital sphere. In the nomination “Best promotion of content online” the victory went to the Instagram initiative “Pozvoni Fome” (Call Foma) which was launched in conjunction with the start of the new season of the TV series Fizruk (Gym Teacher). Almost 20,000 people called the main character of the series, played by Dmitriy Nagiev.

The quest through the series Univer on Instagram received the top award in the nomination “Best micro video content.” Instagram users could choose one of four possible endings to the proposed story.

The PromaxBDA jury also awarded a gold for the online marathon that marked the start of the new season of the show Tantsy (Dances). The project won in the nomination “Best live content in the digital environment.” A silver statuette was given to TNT for the country-wide initiative “Popadi na TNT” (Get Into TNT), which was presented in the nomination “Best integration with the use of social networks.” In this initiative, TNT’s huge film trailer visited 22 Russian cities, making videos that featured ordinary viewers.

TNT also got five bronze prizes for the promotion of the series Filfak (Linguistics Department), Fizruk and the musical project Pesni (Songs). Advertising materials announcing the start of the series Filfak won in the nomination “Best campaign using outdoor advertising.” The project Pesni won third place in the nomination “Art of retouching and production” while the initiative “Pozvoni Fome” got a bronze in the nomination “Best use of social networks to promote a program or series of programs.” The promo video to the film Die Hard 4 received a bronze in the nomination “Television promo video to a film.”

Friday! TV channel won two gold awards and one bronze. The channel won in the nomination “Best online campaign/Banners” for the promotion of the series Lyubimtsy (Pets) in the digital sphere - a casting was held among pets after which the channel launched an advertising campaign with personalized banners. The promo videos to the travel show Oryol i Reshka. America (Heads or Tails. America) received a gold in the nomination “Best promo campaign of a daytime program.” The TV channel filmed several creative videos “Kot Trampa” (Donald Trump’s Cat) in which the pet calls on people to watch Oryol i Reshka. A bronze prize was awarded to the channel for the promotion of the Harry Potter films in the “Best innovation on digital platforms” nomination. Friday! was one of the first to launch a Harry Potter-themed game on the social network VKontakte. The social network’s members could find out which house they would be sorted into by the sorting hat - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin - using the hashtag #shlyaparaspredeli (Hat sort me).

TNT4 channel won the silver prize for the promo video to the films Die Hard 4 and Die Hard 5 in the nomination “Something for nothing,” while NTV won a bronze in the nomination “Packaging and design: the channel’s image on air.”

In total, 26 works of Gazprom-Media TV channels were represented in 13 nominations in the final of the PromaxBDA Promotion, Marketing and Design Global Excellence Awards 2018. Last year the television channels TNT, TV-3 and Friday! received five prizes at the PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards 2017.