The Russian film series Gogol, made by TV-3 channel and Aleksandr Tsekalo’s Sreda producer center, conquered the audience of the Biografilm festival in Bologna and won the audience prize in the nomination Biografilm Series 2018, leaving behind popular series from USA, Great Britain, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Belgium and other countries. The recognizable rectangular figurine of the Biografilm festival is the first international prize for the television version of the Gogol franchise, which will be presented to TV-3 viewers in the new season and will show an expanded universe of the mythical detective story featuring Aleksander Petrov and Oleg Menshikov.

Biografilm is the first international film festival dedicated to biographical cinema. It is held in Bologna, Italy since 2005.

Previously, Gogol received prizes from the Accolade Global Film Competition and The Indie Gathering International Film Festival in the USA, as well as a special prize from Russia’s Association of Producers of Film and Television (APKiT) for its contribution to the development of the television film industry. Moreover, the soundtrack to Gogol, which was crafted by the Russian composer Ryan Otter, was recognized at the international Global Music Awards.

The final part of the film trilogy, Gogol. Strashnaya Mest (Gogol. The Terrible Revenge) will be released in Russian cinemas on August 30 of this year.