The 2x2 TV channel (part of Gazprom-Media Holding), the Gazprom-Media sales house, and Kaspersky Lab have developed the interactive cross-media Cybercringe project about absurd violations of simple Internet security rules.
The advertising campaign began on August 25 on the air, on the channel’s website, and on official social media accounts. Teaming up against "cybercringe," the project teams released a series of animated videos and created an interactive landing page with a “cringe receiver” bot.
Until the end of October, 2x2 will air stylized videos based on stories of disastrous behavior on the Internet. Viewers will see three fascinating cartoons about heroes trapped by cyber threats. Maya, a fitness blogger, downloads a dubious app to gain followers, and as a result, her profile is hacked and blocked. Gamer Sanya enters his bank card details on an unsafe site and all the funds are taken from his account. And his mother Lydia, regretting her son's misconduct, makes a mistake herself by clicking on a phishing link. Similar stories can happen to anyone who lets their guard down online.
The special project of the 2x2 TV channel and Kaspersky Lab calls for the observance of Internet security rules, helps promote “anti-cybercringe,” and talks about the capabilities of the brand’s product. All viewers will be able to get a free license for Kaspersky Internet Security for 2 devices for 60 days.
The project page features a “cringe receiver” — a bot with which audiences can share stories about the most reckless actions taken on the Internet. All stories that pass moderation will appear in the 2x2 TV channel's group on Vkontakte. The authors of the top five stories will receive loot boxes from Kaspersky Lab and the 2x2 TV channel. And the most epic cybercringe story, as chosen by the 2x2 audience, will receive a film adaptation and will be broadcast on the TV channel for a week. All participants in the voting will be awarded with unique cringe stickers.