Gazprom-Media Holding has analyzed the statistics of removing links to illegally published content of its own production on the Internet. According to internal data, in the second quarter of 2022, Gazprom-Media Holding ensured the removal and blocking of 1.64 million links to illegally published content of the holding compared to 1.32 million links in the first quarter (a 25% increase). In the third quarter, the number of blocked links will be no less than in the second quarter.

The content of TV channels and platforms of Gazprom-Media Holding, especially long-term franchises and greatest hits, is popular with both viewers and pirates. The library content – Comedy Club and Univer. Novaya Obshchaga (TNT); Pyos, Sledstvie veli and Vozvrashchenie Mukhtara-2 (NTV); Gadalka and Slepaya (TV-3) – prevails in the top 10 most pirated projects of the holding in the first half of the year.

Gazprom-Media Holding uses all tools to combat piracy: it is the leader by number of decisions on copyright protection claims in the Moscow City Court, which has made it possible to develop the largest database of blocked websites in Russia, and it is also an initiator of the Anti-Piracy Memorandum enabling reduction of traffic to pirated websites by removing them from search results. 

“As a result of this systematic work, the pirates know us and understand that by publishing the premières of Gazprom-Media illegally, they will soon lose their business, and their websites will be completely blocked at the request of the holding,” the press service of Gazprom-Media Holding said.