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1 September 2022

For the new academic year, Gazprom-Media Holding is expanding its PROfnavigator educational program

Gazprom-Media Holding has resumed its work on the PROfnavigator educational and experiential project. Beginning from September 1st, the holding is launching a new series of events for students, such as tours around production sets, lectures, master classes, seminars, movie screenings, and other activities, to introduce school students to different professions in the media industry. This new academic year, the project has been scaled up significantly. Students of the 10th and 11th grades from 155 schools will take part, compared with 66 schools last year.

This year will be the PROfnavigator program's second. It was born when the Department of Education and Science of Moscow implemented its Media Class at Moscow Schools project, which Gazprom-Media Holding supported in September 2021. From that September to May 2022, companies belonging to Gazprom-Media Holding held over 35 events for students in school media classes and university students. The young people got the chance to meet authors, creators, actors, radio hosts, directors, and other media industry professionals in person and learn more about specialties in the field. Over 1000 school students have taken part in the program, and it has reached 3,000 total views on the official Media Class at Moscow Schools RUTUBE channel.

In 2022, Gazprom-Media Holding and its assets have prepared an even richer program for participants to get deep insight into the professions of the media industry. They will visit production sets of TV series and the Comedy Club Production show, enjoy tours around the premises of the GPM KIT Group, learn all about how radio works at GPM Radio, release a newspaper dedicated to Peter the Great’s 350th birthday together with Panorama TV, and more.

As we implemented the PROfnavigator project last year, we confirmed that there is demand among students for assistance with career guidance. With all the abundance of information, young people lack first-hand knowledge of certain types of activities, professions, and specialties. Together with our colleagues, we are happy to introduce young people who are interested in the media industry to how the business is organized using real cases as examples, and in the new academic year, the PROfnavigator program is moving to the next level. As part of the project, we will help school and university students who would like to start careers in the media to choose their specialties and future areas of professional activity, and we will explain in practice what soft skills are needed for this. We really have a lot to share and show, because Gazprom-Media Holding brings together the best professionals with unique competencies. I am convinced that projects like PROfnavigator give us the opportunity to participate in the development of the younger generation, discover talents, and elevate expertise and professionalism in the media market.
Antonina Priezzheva Chief HR Officer of Gazprom-Media Holding

For example, last year, school students took the Podcasts: the Battle of Schools for Your Ears media course from the TV-3 channel with the participation of Podcastbar and RUTUBE. They visited radio stations such as Humor FM, ENERGY, Children's Radio, and Radio Romantika, went to the set of the series SASHATANYA with Comedy Club Production, listened to the Making a Newspaper Together! Zachetno School Paper master class, and released an exclusive issue with articles written by trainees of Panorama TV’s media classes. Students also visited the studios of two shows produced by NTV, Food of Life and Tech Wonder. PROfnavigator also includes KIT Territory, a social and cultural project aimed at popularizing Russian content and media industry professions among young people. The partners of the project are all major national children’s centers, such as Artek, Orlyonok, Sirius, Smena, and Ocean, leading universities, and youth forums and festivals. As part of KIT Territory, over 200 movie screenings were held in more than 10 regions of Russia, and over 30,000 school students enjoyed dozens of meet-the-artist sessions and lectures.

Gazprom-Media Holding’s PROfnavigator made it to the semifinals of the #MYVMESTE International Award in 2022.

The program is being implemented through the efforts and initiatives of Gazprom-Media Holding companies, without the involvement of other partners or contractors. All videos from events and videos shot by students are available on the project’s own RUTUBE channel.