The share of Central Partnership (included in the group of companies GPM KIT, which is part of Gazprom-Media Holding) at the box office among domestic films across all film distributors reached 58% in 2019, according to company data. In 2018, this share was 32%.

The earnings of Russian films released into theatres in 2019 by Central Partnership, increased to 6 billion rubles from 4.5 billion rubles from the previous year. The film company has continued to grow the amount of domestic content distribution: Russian films accounted for two-thirds (68%) of the box-office. As compared with 2018, the distributor doubled the number of Russian films that are released in theatres to 24 projects. Central Partnership’s total box-office in 2019 added up to 8.8 billion rubles.

Throughout 2019, Central Partnership kept setting new records in the film industry. At the beginning of the year, the action adventure film T-34 became the highest-grossing Russian film of 2019 and the highest-grossing military drama in the history of domestic film distribution. The film collected 2.3 billion rubles in theatres across Russia and the CIS states. More than 9 million people watched it.

The comedy sequel Politseysky s Rublyovki: Novogodniy Bespredel 2 (Policeman from Rublyovka: New Year’s Mayhem 2) was another successful Russian project last year. Central Partnership released the film in theatres on December 12, 2019 and by January 27, the film’s earnings surpassed 1.04 billion rubles (data from Russian Cinema Fund’s Analytics). It was the first time that a Russian franchise twice surpassed the 1-billion ruble mark at the box office.

Four Russian films distributed by Central Partnership reached the Top 5 of the highest-grossing domestic films in 2019. These were T-34 (2.3 billion rubles ), Politseysky s Rublyovki: Novogodniy Bespredel 2 (1.04 billion rubles), Babushka Legkogo Povedeniya 2 (Naughty Grandma 2) (457 million rubles), and Milliard (Billion) (423 million rubles).

Central Partnership continued to increase its earnings at the end of 2019. The comedy Kholop (The Peasant), which was released in theatres on December 26, became the highest-grossing comedy and, at the same time, the second highest-grossing domestic film in the history of Russian film distribution. The film’s earnings at the box office reached 2.83 billion rubles as of January 27, according to Russian Cinema Fund’s Analytics. The film continues to be shown in theatres.

Over the last three years, the films that are distributed by Central Partnership are in the Top 3 of the all-time box office among Russian films (Dvizhenie Vverh/Going Vertical, Kholop, T-34).

Central Partnership and the group of companies GPM KIT also continued to invest in the production of Russian films with great success. In 2019 alone, 15 Russian films were included in the company's investment package - Milliard, Yaga. Koshmar Tyomnogo Lesa (Baba Yaga. Terror of the Dark Forest), Serebryannye Konki (Silver Skates), Vdova (The Widow), Tekst (Text), Kholop, Streltsov, Wolf, Serafima, Ryad 19 (Row 19), Opasnaya Voda (Dangerous Waters), Privorot (Love Spell), Robo, Gerda, and Ogon (Fire).

Throughout 2019, Central Partnership was engaged in the promotion of Russian film and the strengthening of cultural ties on international markets. The film Dvizhenie Vverh, released by Central Partnership, became the highest-grossing Russian film in the history of film distribution in China. The film earned $14.3 million and more than 3 million viewers watched it.

Rafael Minasbekyan, general manager of the group of companies GPM KIT:

“We continue to implement the strategy for developing the national content market, in which one of the main tasks is to increase the distribution of domestic films. Thanks to the efforts of the largest Russian film distributor, Central Partnership, Russian films have become box office leaders for the fourth year in a row. In 2017, this was the film Viking (1.5 billion rubles). In 2018 - Dvizhenie Vverh, with record box office earnings of 3 billion rubles. In 2019 - T-34 (2.3 billion rubles), and in 2020 the comedy Kholop, which has collected 2.43 billion rubles in Russia so far.


“According to Russian Cinema Fund’s Analytics, today out of the Top 5 highest-grossing films at the national box office, including high-budget foreign films, three are ours. At the moment, in our film distribution we not only compete with films whose production budget is 100 times higher than ours, but also reach the top in terms of earnings.”


Vadim Vereshchagin, general manager of Central Partnership:

“This past year was very productive for us. We were able to accomplish our main strategic tasks, increase our experience, strengthen the company's position on the Russian market and the international arena. The films, for which our company acts as the distributor, continue to set records. In 2020, this is Kholop - the highest-grossing comedy in history. In 2019, T-34 - the highest-grossing war drama. In 2018, Dvizhenie Vverh - the highest-grossing sports drama, and in 2017 - Viking - the highest-grossing historical film.”