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29 April 2022

RUTUBE: Total restart

The largest Russian video platform was re-launched in April.

The first changes were made to the web version of the site. There was a complete redesign of the interface, and easy navigation, new colour schemes and options for content management put in place.

RUTUBE users can now:

●    watch content without registering first;
●    upload videos through an easy-to-use content studio;
●    create themed playlists;
●    monetise their content.

In the beta version, users have access to sections with podcasts, educational content and live streams. They will be able to launch streams on RUTUBE independently in the near future, while in the year’s third quarter they will get the opportunity to sell products in live format and to download podcasts. 

Other key events in the third quarter of 2021 include a planned re-launch of the mobile app and Smart-TV, as well as further refinement of content management functions. At the moment, the content library already has more than 3 million items. The platform features content from federal channels, videos from major film studios and content creators. Among the items already available on the site are:

●    vlogs, streams, movie and video game reviews;
●    more than 1,000 podcasts covering various topics;
●    more than 4,000 video lessons and lectures in the “Education” section;
●    highlights from major events, match reviews, and live broadcasts of sports events;
●    free movies and TV series.

RUTUBE is becoming more comfortable to use for everyone who wants to watch videos and share their own creative efforts.