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29 April 2022

Gazprom Media Releases Its First Public Annual Report for 2020

Gazprom Media, the largest media holding in Russia and Eastern Europe, has released its first public Annual Report for 2020, presenting the Holding’s key indicators and the main milestones and achievements of its companies. The Annual Report is available at Gazprom Media.

The main theme of the 2020 report is the Holding’s strategic message of “creating personal universes” based on the best in media and technology expertise.

Despite all its challenges, 2020 was very successful for us: it was a year of records, victories, personal awards and international recognition. We managed, despite a decline in business and advertising activity, to increase our key financial indicators: operating profit and revenue. All segments of our business have made a contribution to the overall success of the Holding, and for the first time we have highlighted all their achievements in the new, interactive Annual Report on a special digital platform. I am confident that this report will be interesting not only for the professional community and our partners, but also for a wider audience.
Alexander Zharov CEO of Gazprom Media

It is important for Gazprom Media to be open and transparent on the market. Thus, in the interests of our partners, the professional community and our audience, we are publicly presenting the key strategic vectors for development, consolidated financial information and operating indicators.

Key Operating Results for 2020:

  • The total share of Gazprom Media’s TV channels added up to 26.6% in the most commercially attractive audience demographic of 14–44. Based on these results, we remain in first place among other television holdings in terms of the number of viewers in this age range.
  • Gazprom Media’s TV channels aired more than 27,000 hours of their own content. 
  • The average monthly coverage of websites that belong to our companies was 56.1 million unique users in 2020. The maximum mark was reached in November, when the websites reached 63.7 million users. Our content has received more than 3.4 billion views online. 
  • We are a leader on the film-distribution market, including for Russian films. Central Partnership’s share was 52% among distributors of domestic films, while its share among all distributors was 28.6%.
  • GPM Radio remains a leader in audience volume in Moscow and is among the Top 3 largest radio holdings in Russia. It is also improving its online performance every year. Mobile apps for its radio stations have been downloaded 5.4 million times, which is an increase of 25%.
One of our most important milestones — and for the entire Russian film industry as a whole — in 2020 was the success of our projects on the global market. We are increasingly active in exporting unique domestic content on international and local online platforms. As of today, our geographical reach covers 200 countries, and we consider this a recognition of the high quality of our products, their competitiveness and demand for them among audience members. Real talent has no boundaries, and the popularity of our content is clear proof of that.
Alexander Zharov CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding

Key Achievements in International Distribution: 

  • Central Partnership’s revenues from international sales increased 35% in 2020 compared to 2019. Central Partnership is first among Russian distributors in terms of the number of foreign releases and box-office earnings for films released abroad. In 2020, Central Partnership released 77 films with total box-office earnings of more than 7.4 million dollars and sold 40 Russian films to be shown in movie theaters and online.
  • More than 30 of Central Partnership’s films were licensed for Netflix. There were also a number of large-scale deals made with iQIYI (among the Top 3 VOD platforms in China) to show the company’s films. A collection of 20 movies from this library became available to Amazon Prime, Tubi TV (FOX), Pluto TV (Viacom CBS), and Roku TV subscribers in the United States and United Kingdom.  
  • A total of 148 NTV projects were sold to 46 countries in 2020 for subsequent distribution, and NTV’s international partners now include some new names: Olympusat (Ocean New Media, United States), NHK Enterprises (Japan), and ENCRIPTA (Brazil).
  • One of the most talked-about Russian international deals was the sale of Epidemiya (To the Lake) to Netflix, which was featured it in its prestigious Netflix Originals category. The show got unprecedented attention from viewers around the world and made it into the Top 3 most-watched list on Netflix in its first few days there, according to FlixPatrol data. 
  • Friday! strengthened its position on the international market by making two major deals with Amazon Prime Video. Two projects by the Russian channel became available to subscribers: the reality show Instagramshitsy (Instagramers) and the TV series Mylodrama (Soap Opera).