The television company Red Media, which is part of Gazprom-Media Holding, will become the exclusive distributor of ZEE TV Russia. The television channel will appear in Red Media’s single distribution package in early 2017.

The entertainment channel ZEE TV Russia broadcasts original Indian content produced by India’s leading television company Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL). ZEEL holds the world’s largest film library of Bollywood blockbusters and masterpieces of Indian cinema. The channel’s program features action films, melodrama and TV series, comedies, musicals, thrillers, historical sagas, adventure and family films.

At this time, the ratings of ZEE TV Russia are the best it has had in its nine years of being on the Russian market. According to TNS statistics, the channel’s viewing rates have more than doubled in the past two and a half years. In June 2014, the average viewing time was 14 minutes, but in October 2016, this indicator has increased to 32 minutes.

The distribution of ZEE TV Russia reinforces the strategic partnership between Gazprom-Media Holding and ZEEL, which dates back to early 2016.

This year, “ZHIVI!” (Live!) won the Zolotoy Luch award.

Roman Stolyarsky, general manager of Red Media, commented, “2016 was an extremely eventful and news-packed year for Red Media. Eight new television channels were included in the distribution package, of which six were launched from scratch. Already today we can say that the launch was successful. 2017 will kick off with the next package update, which certainly pleases us. We are sure that the Red Media team will give a new impetus to the distribution growth of the ZEE TV Russia channel, expand its presence among the networks and give subscribers the opportunity to access a unique Indian culture through the channel’s airwaves 24 hours a day.”

“ZEE plays an important role in the dissemination of high-quality Indian television content in Russia. This is especially relevant in light of the latest trends in the development of relations between Russia and India. The creation of a partnership with Gazprom-Media Holding is a strategically important decision, which will allow us to strengthen our positions on the Russian market,” said Leonid Yurgelas, general manager of ZEE CIS.