The television company Red Media, which is part of Gazprom-Media Holding, has carried out a large-scale rebranding of its 10 self-produced film channels. As a result of the rebranding, the channels’ broadcast concepts, logos and on-air look got updated. From August 15, the TV channels are available to viewers with a new design and a new broadcast network.

Taking into consideration the different film interests of viewers, the rebranding process included changing the specializations of the channels. The channel Kinosemya was created specifically for family viewing with children. Films that are best watched as a couple are offered on the new TV channel Kinosvidanie. Most of the channels changed their names and now all channels share in common one keyword - kino.

Red Media’s new lineup of film channels now includes Kinopremiera, Kinohit, Kinosemya, Kinosvidanie, Muzhskoye Kino, Kinomiks, Nashe Novoye Kino, Rodnoye Kino, Kinokomediya and Indiiskoye Kino.

Red Media has also put together a new premium package Nastroi Kino! (Put on a film!), which will be distributed through the networks of satellite and cable operators using the a la carte model. Five updated TV channels were included in this package - Kinopremiera, Kinohit, Kinosemya, Muzhskoye Kino HD and Kinosvidanie. Nastroi Kino is a balanced offer for both operators as well as viewers. The make-up of the package is aimed at the whole family and offers films for any mood and any type of gathering. The daily broadcast schedule of the channel is put together with attention to the different TV viewing habits of all members of the family. The TV channels will have a unified on-air navigation system and announcements about film premieres in order to keep viewers informed about the programs of the whole package to a maximal degree.

As part of the rebranding, which started in January 2016, the film library of the TV channels was completely updated as Red Media reached agreements on long-term partnerships with leading film studios and distributors. In August all of the channels are already offering major premieres and global blockbusters, including a collection of full-length animation and family films from Disney and Disney/Pixar. The revamped channels will show more than 2,000 hours worth of premiere content by the end of the year.