The television company Red Media, which is part of Gazprom-Media Holding, has announced the launch of Kinoseriya, a new film channel of its own production. The channel will start broadcasting on December 1, 2016.

Kinoseriya will be the result of a large-scale rebranding of the Mnogo TV channel. The channel will completely change its broadcasting concept, positioning on the market and graphic design.

Kinoseriya is a channel that will feature modern foreign drama TV series from the world’s leading producers, such as BBC, France Television, DR1, Disney, Federation Entertainment and others.

The channel will offer exciting premieres on a monthly basis. Among them are those that already have a devoted audience, as well as those that Kinoseriya will present in Russia for the first time. In the first months of broadcasting, the channel will start to show the world-famous series Happy Valley, Sacrifice, Blood & Oil, Exile, The Bridge, Borgen and others.

The Kinoseriya television channel will be available in HD and SD formats with DOLBY Digital 5.1 sound.

Irina Dorogan, general producer of Red Media, commented, “We analyzed the TV series channels on the Russian market and came to the conclusion that we can offer our viewer a new product that is different from the others. In recent years, drama series are at the peak of audience interest around the world. US studios invariably remain leaders in the production of series content. But over the past few years, European - especially Scandinavian series - have been gaining an increasingly large audience. Thus, as the basis of the content policy of the new Kinoseriya channel, we decided to show exclusively foreign drama series, mainly European ones, from the leading producers of a world level. We refuse to show long series on the new channel - the total number of episodes will not exceed 20. We believe that this approach - the whole story in a week - is what the modern spectator needs.”