TNT channel will start airing the black comedy series Manyachello on August 16 at 20:00. Zhargal Badmatsyrenov directed the series and played one of the roles.

The idea for the series comes from Buryatia and the filming took place in Ulan-Ude. This is the first regional series that will be shown on a federal channel, one of the few black comedies that is getting the chance to reach a wider Russian audience thanks to 1-2-3 Production (Epidemiya/To the Lake, Call Centre, Perval Dyatlova/Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident).

Ulan-Ude’s Drama Theatre actor Vladimir Bartashevich, Buryat television news anchor Asya Kasyanova, theatre actor and teacher Vadim Gusevsky and former KVN improv actress Tatyana Nezhelskaya played roles in the series, among other actors.

The series’ main character is very passionate about classic literature. The setting of the series is a Buryat village called Sosnovka, which sees murders on a regular basis, but what’s more, these murders suspiciously overlap with well-known classic books. At first, the local police officers don’t attach any importance to this fact. But everything changes when inspector Olga arrives from the city. She notices this particularity right away and tells her superiors about it, but they don’t understand her or mock her. The local police are worried that Olga is seriously set on finding a serial killer in Sosnovka so they do everything they can to send her back. Meanwhile, the ‘Manyachello’ Timofei, who is the one behind the literary-style murders, does everything he can to keep the only woman who understands his riddles in the village.