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29 April 2022

KIT Film Studio starts filming two new series for NTV channel

Two new NTV series, Port and Voennaya Politsiya (Military Police) started filming in Moscow and St. Petersburg. KIT Film Studio (part of GPM KIT, which is part of Gazprom-Media Holding) is overseeing the production process.

The Port TV series will be shot in Moscow, Moscow region, Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad region and Baltiysk. Maksim Schegolev, Alexey Barabash, Alexander Baranovsky, Vadim Andreev, Sofya Shutkina, Nikita Dyuvbanov and Sergey Safronov are playing the lead roles. The series will also mark the debut of actor Arseniy Robak as a producer.

The plot of the Port series centers on military officer Mikhail Samoylov (Maksim Shchegolev) who loses his friend Igor Makarov (Alexander Baranovsky) in Syria. Mikhail returns to his hometown, port city Yantarsk to help Makarov’s widow. He blames himself for what happened, but he does not know that Igor is actually alive and after several years he will turn out to be a completely different person than he seemed at first.

The second TV series from KIT Film Studio, Voyennaya Politsiya, is being shot in St. Petersburg. The main characters are five daredevils who make up a special forces detachment under Russia’s Ministry of Defence. Their job is to protect military secrets, investigate the most horrific crimes and individually resist espionage organisations.