The PREMIER video service and TNT channel will release the new series Kontakt (Contact) in the fall. Evgeny Stychkin directed the series and Pavel Maykov and Irina Pautova played the lead roles. 

The series looks at the relationships between parents and children in the modern world where one half of the day is spent at work or at school, and the other online. They are separate from each other, but these zoomer and boomer generations will collide in the Kontakt series.

Kontakt is a joint project between Good Story Media (part of Gazprom-Media Holding) and Sreda, and looks at the generational gap in the era of social networks and instant messengers.

The main character is a former policeman Gleb Barnashov who has some problems with his family. He previously worked in the police’s juvenile department, but had to leave that post. He doesn’t understand modern children at all, least of all his own daughter. He thinks that he can re-establish contact with her and find out about his life by befriending her on social networks.