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29 April 2022

​NTV and ivi agree to partnership in online TV series broadcasting

NTV television company and the online cinema ivi have announced a partnership within which NTV’s premiere series will be shown on all ivi platforms for one year on the territories of Russia, the CIS and Georgia. Most of the programs will be available in SVOD and AVOD in the catch up mode after airing on television, and some will be available in the catch forward mode, one week before the on-air television premiere. In addition, part of the NTV’s series archive will also be accessible to the ivi audiences.

“The partnership with ivi is the next step for NTV in its overall strategy for managing a rights library. We see how our Internet audience is growing when new content is added. We expect that thanks to ivi, the number of NTV viewers online will grow at a fast pace. Now the audience of the NTV website is more than 14 million people, while its mobile application has more than 10 million users. The overall reach of our social networks is more than 60 million people per month. In the first six months the NTV series got more than 300 million views on the official YouTube channel,” said Aleksey Zemsky, NTV’s general manager. According to him, NTV viewers will still be able to watch their favourite TV series on the website or on NTV’s official YouTube page.

It will be very easy to find NTV series on ivi. In the main menu, in the tab “Series” there will be a special section called “NTV novelties.” The first series in the catch forward regime will be available to ivi viewers on August 28 - this will be the action drama Zhena Politseiskogo (The Policeman’s Wife) from the producer Pavel Lungin, featuring Viktoria Tolstoganova and Vitaly Kischenko in the lead roles.