The website was launched on March 31, 2020, becoming the first media outlet about bloggers, influencers and insiders. We are also the first media whose launch coincided with the lockdown. Today we turn one year old, and this is the perfect opportunity to take a trip down memory lane.

Our editorial team has hit some excellent milestones this year: 

  • we published 900 exclusives, more than 6,800 news articles, and more than 680 copyrighted materials;
  • we have interviewed numerous stars, including Yan Gordienko, Sergey Burunov, Imanbek, Slowthai, Rupert Grint, Roisin Murphy, Rebecca Hall, Elle Fanning, Tatler personalities and others;
  • we created more than 700 info cards on media personalities and more than 700 cards on TV series.

Our website has had more than 4.3 million unique users (GA data) since its launch last year

In mid-May, we made a viral Instagram post called Aromat Nostalgii (Aromas of Nostalgia) that got more than 350,000 likes and was shared more than 250,000 times. After that, we launched a real perfume in collaboration with Demeter. In less than three months since launching, our Instagram page earned 100,000 followers.

One of our most important features is our rating for bloggers and influencers, which is compiled based on four criteria: Medialogia (considering the number of social network subscribers and number of citations on different platforms), votes from our website users, and the ratings made by industry experts and our own editorial team.

We unveiled our own online award for bloggers, Super SRSLY 2020 Exhausted by Likes, at the end of 2020 to recognize the biggest stars of the Russian cybersphere. It is given out based on our rating and news pegs connected with the bloggers.