NTV is announcing the launch of a new international musical project Ty Super! 60+ (You Are Super! 60+). The show’s contestants are talented people over the age of 60 who were, for some reason or another, left without support from family and friends.

Applications to the contest were open to anyone over the age of 60 from Russia or anywhere in the CIS who lacks support from their closest relatives, children or grandchildren. The project has already been cast, and the first season will feature 45 contestants from ages 60 to 87. Among them are a retired colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an otolaryngologist, workers from fabric and chemical factories, and housewives. There are also some professional musicians, including people who sang in the Mariinsky Theatre choir and those who graduated from a conservatory or the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music. 

The contest rules are simple: participants will come on stage in every episode and perform. Those who receive three or four “yes” votes from the jury will go on to the waiting area. If none of the jury members press the green button or only one does, or if the votes are split 2/2, the contestant will leave the show. At the end of each episode, the jury will call out the names of contestants who are advancing to the next stage. There will be two stages: a qualifying round and the final.

Vadim Takmenev and Anastasia Pak will host the contest, and jury members will be announced later. 

NTV is holding the Ty Super! 60+ contest together with the Sputnik international news agency and radio station. WeiT Media will produce it.