The development team from Ritm Media (part of the Gazprom-Media Holding) has announced the release of a new entertainment app called Yappy. Yappy is a mobile application that allows its viewers to create, share and watch short vertical videos that are up to 60 seconds long. The app was released in the UGC video stock format, which means its users are not only able to watch popular video clips in a convenient format, but also to create their own creative content. Yappy is available on iOS and Android platforms as of November 29. At the start of this project, the development team used software bought from Ya Molodets, which previously worked on the mobile app with the support of Innopraktika company.  

The key target audience of this app are people between 14 and 34 years old who lead an active lifestyle, are interested in self-development and career growth, and put a value on material success and public recognition of their personal attributes. The platform is well-suited for people who have a large audience as well as novice bloggers. The app is easy to use, has a wide range of tools for creating and editing videos, and also allows creating content of varying levels of complexity. The possibility to collaborate in a special media room significantly reduces the time that users spend on production processes. It has become easier to agree on collaborations, discuss the screenplay of the next video, shoot and edit it, and post the content in each of the accounts.

The app’s users also have access to a reuse function, which means they can accelerate the video’s natural distribution speed online not only by recording a joint video and then showing it on the screen with a simultaneous display of several video streams, but also by shooting their own additions to the trends that already exist on the site. Now able to track down popular videos using their smart feed and personalised selections, the users will spend less time searching for the fragments they want to reuse. 

In addition, the app has an easy-to-use video editor, which can be used by professional content creators as well as beginners. The selection of filters and effects that are offered on the app will continue to be expanded and updated. The content library, which holds the items that can be reused, the well-thought-out functions for sharing content to other social networks and the possibility to add your own sounds to the app make Yappy as comfortable as possible for every user.

The Ritm Media team took all the latest trends in the UGC video stock industry into account when developing the app, which means that Yappy was able to attract the interest of high-profile media personalities even before its official launch. Klava Koka, Egor Ship, Karina Cross, Mia Boykoy as well as other social media stars took part in Yappy’s launch. The fact that the app has just launched means that its users have the opportunity to grow together with it and carve out a space for themselves in new blogging niches.