Dear friends and colleagues!

I congratulate all of you on this important date - the 90th anniversary of national television. To be precise, it was exactly on this day 90 years ago that regular transmissions of mechanical television began from Moscow. We remember that it was our Russian scientist B. Rosing who laid the foundations for television, across the world, more than 100 years ago. We also remember the great names V. Zworykin, S. Kataev, A. Konstantinov, P. Shmakov and many others who brought one of the greatest and brightest achievements of mankind to life, comparable to the invention made by J. Gutenberg.

Since then, the television industry has come a long way, in tandem with the whole country. Back then, almost a century ago, nobody could have imagined what a great role television will play in the life of virtually every person. It not only became the main source of information, news, experiences, emotions and knowledge, but started to shape the worldview of entire generations. It was on television screens that people saw how Yuri Gagarin became the first person in history to fly into outer space.

Our profession gave the country real television stars. The whole country still knows and loves such great masters of their craft as the “country-wide mother” Valentina Leontyeva and the country’s main voice, Igor Kirillov.

Television is an art that helps people to experience joy and sadness, laughter, tears and smiles. Even if the television screen cannot offer real happiness, thanks to television there is still a bit more happiness on Earth. We also offer the most valuable resource - information.

I congratulate you on this milestone date with all my heart! 

Let the new stars light up!

Alexander Zharov