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29 April 2022

​Gazprom-Media protects its content from digital piracy on Yandex

Gazprom-Media Holding has defended its content, which was illegally posted on the Yandex online resource. The Moscow City Court agreed to the petition filed by the TNT, TV-3, 2x2 and Super TV channels regarding the resource and decided to take preliminary security measures against the illegal distribution of content.

TNT, TV-3, 2x2 and Super TV channels sent a statement to the Moscow City Court with a request to take preliminary security measures against the Yandex resource. The Yandex.Video search engine gives users links to pirated sites that offer downloads of the TV series Domashny Arest (Home Arrest), Vne Igry (Outside the Game), the show Misticheskie Istorii (Mystical Stories) and the animated series Ostorozhno Zemlyane (Watch Out Earthlings). The court responded to the requests of Gazprom-Media’s TV channels and sent directives for action to the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor). The regulator will now take measures to ensure that the copyright for the content that is illegally posted on the site is protected.

Gazprom-Media is actively fighting the illegal distribution of its content. We produce more than 26,000 hours of our own media products in a year and there was not a single project the pirated copies of which did not appear online. The Yandex.Video search engine contains a lot of links to pirated video resources, which feature the projects of the Holdings TV channels. Moreover, despite our notices, Yandex continues to violate our copyrights. The decision made by the court is an important step towards civilized media consumption and we are ready to make every effort for this to become reality,said Dmitry Chernyshenko, CEO of Gazprom Media.

In August 2018, the number of blocked websites that illegally distributed Gazprom-Media Holding’s content reached a record high of more than 700 sites, which is almost three times more than in the entire 2017. In addition, more than 3.5 million web pages containing pirated copies of content were removed at the request of Gazprom-Media.