Gazprom-Media, the leading diversified media holding in Russia and Eastern Europe, presented the new federal television channel Super for partners and advertisers. The television channel will begin broadcasting across all of Russia on January 1, 2018. The target audience will be viewers aged 14 to 44, while the core audience will be young families with children.

Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV will manage the channel and be responsible for its development and distribution strategy.

Super’s production studio (TCT Production, 100% of which belongs to Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV) will create premier content for the new channel. The studio’s producers, Eduard Iloyan, Vitaly Shlyappo, Aleksey Trotsyuk and Denis Zhalinsky, have already created many popular television and film projects with the Yellow, Black and White studio for federal television channels, including NTV, Channel One, Russia-1 and CTC. The producers will also be responsible for the strategic and operational programming and marketing of the new channel. Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV made a long-term exclusive contract with the producers to work in the interests of the Super TV channel.

Super will show romantic comedies, TV series and shows for family viewing. The core programming of the channel will be its own projects, made by the creative team of TCT Production. Within the span of two years, the television channel will show 20 premieres. Among them are the new comedy series Fitness, IP Pirogova (Sole Proprietor Pirogov), Psikhotip (Psycho), Tvortsy (Creators), Vne Igry (Outside the Game), Kulinarnaya Akademia (Culinary Academy) and the show Smeshnoye Vremya (Time for Laughs). Moreover, the TV channel will release a number of animation and feature-length films from leading Russian and foreign studios.

“Gazprom-Media is a leader in entertainment television with a total audience share of more than 20%. Our television channels are clearly differentiated according to television interests and preferences. Now we have covered another important audience sector: young, modern families. Super is being crafted as a federal channel by talented, creative producers who make TV series hits and high-grossing films for a family audience. It is important to note that the new team will create content exclusively for the new channel,” said Arthur Dzhanibekyan, general manager of Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV.

“As part of the Super TV channel, we will continue to do what we have done best over the past 10 years, namely, to create comedy series, films, and entertainment television shows. We already have such popular franchises as Kuhnya (Kitchen), Otel Eleon (Hotel Eleon), Ivanovy-Ivanovy, Posledniy iz Magikyan (Last of the Magikyans), SuperBobrovy, Posledniy Bogatyr (The Last Hero) under our belts, but now we are excited about the new challenge and are confident that we will achieve our ambitious goal - to launch the new terrestrial television channel Super on the market,” said Vitaly Shlyappo, producer at TCT Production.