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29 April 2022

Gazprom Media Is Expanding Its Premium Content Audience in the Cybersphere

The content of the PREMIER video service is now available to NTV-PLUS OTT subscribers.

Subscribers to NTV-PLUS’ OTT platform will get access to PREMIER’s content library starting December 29. This library includes some of the most popular and highly rated TV shows made by Gazprom Media: Pereval Dyatlova (Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident), Domashny Arest (House Arrest), Zvonite DiCaprio! (Call DiCaprio!), Epidemiya (To the Lake), Mir! Druzhba! Zhvachka! (Peace! Friendship! Chewing Gum!), Olga, Territoriya (The Territory), Realnye Patsany (Real Guys), Politseysky s Rublyovki (The Policeman from Rublyovka), Igra na Vyzhivanie (Survival Game), and more. Entertainment content from TNT, TV3, TNT4 and Super will also be available there. 

Access to this media library will be possible as part of a subscription to PREMIER and the package offered by the operator. NTV-PLUS is giving its subscribers a month of free access to it. 

Gazprom Media is constantly working at expanding the content on its digital platforms by making the most of inter-Holding synergies. In the past, the Holding has used the partnership between PREMIER and NTV to put a significant portion of the channel’s content on the video platform as exclusive content. PREMIER also launched a joint production of adult animation projects together with 2x2 channel.