Gazprom-Media Holding, the leading diversified media holding in Russia and Eastern Europe, has announced its participation in a project put together by Vitrina TV. The project works on developing a single technology platform for broadcasting TV channels online.

Gazprom-Media Holding will be among the founders of Vitrina TV and will own 25% of the company.

Preparatory work is currently underway to start broadcasting the Holding’s TV channels online.

“Vitrina TV is a logical industrial solution that assists in the legal distribution of content and its protection from digital piracy, and also creates opportunities for additional monetization online. The project is now in a technologically mature stage: technical solutions have been developed, the number of partner sites continues to grow. We want our TV channels to be as broadly represented in the digital environment as possible,” said Dmitry Chernyshenko, CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding.

Vitrina TV was established by the media holdings All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK), National Media Group, STS Media and Channel One, on the basis of an agreement to create a unified broadcasting infrastructure for streaming TV channels online.