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29 April 2022

​Gazprom-Media buys technology company Getintent

Gazprom-Media Holding has announced its purchase of the technology company Getintent, which specializes in automated advertising services. This deal will strengthen the Holding’s position in the digital marketing segment and offer customers new opportunities for automated advertising.

Getintent enables automatic placement of online advertising based on a technological platform of its own making. The company’s business focuses on the B2B segment: it contacts customers and, through the SSP (Supply Side Platform), with publishers.

As part of the deal, Gazprom-Media Holding gets ownership of the platform and the intellectual property of the company. The Holding will also gain access to Getintent’s existing client contracts. The company’s key employees, who are responsible for the technical development and commercial activities of this platform, will continue to work in Gazprom-Media. The transaction amount was not disclosed.

The market for algorithmic ad purchases is showing dynamic growth. In 2018, this segment grew by 60% in Russia, while growth world-wide was only 24%, according to Zenith Programmatic Marketing Forecasts. Getintent expects that the amount of advertising made with the help of the platform will grow faster than the market thanks to advanced technological solutions, direct contracts with brands as well as the use of Gazprom-Media Holding’s resources and data.

“We are evenly creating an ecosystem of digital services. By purchasing one of the most technological and successful companies on the advertising market, we have strengthened our positions in the digital segment. Now our customers have access to a segmented audience across different media by using an advertising product that works on the basis of large data,” said Dmitry Chernyshenko, CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding.

“The advertising market is changing a lot, the role of technology is growing. Six years of continued growth and bold solutions have allowed us to take a leading position on the market of buying digital advertising. It is time to move up to a new level. I am glad that we have become a part of a large holding whose values we share,” said Georgy Levin, Getintent’s founder and CEO.

“When choosing a company to purchase, we took many factors into consideration, in particular, its technological capacity, how effectively and smoothly the team works together, its financial situation and a number of legal aspects. Getintent came out on top,” said Galina Degtyareva , head of Gazprom-Media’s investment department.

The special assets of the Getintent platform are its high technological capacity and flexibility, the ability to customize advertising campaigns at all stages, which increases the effectiveness of the customers’ investments and minimizes costs. Working with the system is simple. Advertising materials are uploaded to the interface and targets are set up. Next, the algorithms play a part in an online advertising auction and ensure an optimal advertising campaign with achieved targets.

At all stages, the advertiser has access to tools that help to control and finetune the final product. For segmentation of the customer’s target audiences and their precise selection, the platform uses its own automated solutions, some of which are created based on artificial intelligence algorithms. The range of possibilities for high-precision targeting is broad. You can make targets based on specified sites, keywords on separate pages, devices and browsers, geographic coverage, audience segments, and so on. The system gives opportunities for remarketing, including automatic optimization for a given performance indicator - CPM, CPC, CPV, the CPA.

Getintent started operations in 2013. In 2018, the company's turnover on the Russian market exceeded 250 million rubles.