The national Rating of Russia’s Young Media Managers for 2017 was published on July 4. Odgers Berndtson compiles the rating every year in partnership with Mediascope. Gazprom-Media Holding emerged as a leader in terms of representation in the rating: 33 media managers from companies that are part of Gazprom-Media Holding were included in the rating.

The heads and managers of Russian television companies, radio stations, online media, online services and print media take part in the rating.

Among the leaders of Russia’s media industry (AAA, AA and A) were 19 Gazprom-Media Holding managers. In the television segment, top marks were given to 11 media managers: director of 2x2 television channel Denis Vsesyatskii, director of TNT4 channel Gavriil Gordeev, executive director of TV-3 channel Ekaterina Dunaeva, marketing director of Friday! channel Natalia Abramochkina, director of TV content purchases and sales at Friday! Anastasia Korchagina, Friday! executive producer Mikhail Kovalenko, NTV channel’s marketing director Anastasia Lisova, head of the SMM area at TV-3 Alina Belferman, creative director at SUPER channel Irina Sosnovaya, director of Red Media’s film channels Nikolay Buts, and director of digital products management at Match TV (until 02.2018) Ekaterina Bogdan. In the radio segment, top recognition was given to the brand manager of the radio stations ENERGY and Like FM Karina Akzhigitova, head of sales at Avtoradio station Olga Chistyakova and the director of Gazprom-Media Radio’s analytical department Yulia Andryushova.

Also represented in the upper range of the rating were the advisor to Gazprom-Media Holding CEO Vadim Fedotov, media director of Gazprom-Media Digital Tatiana Matveeva, head of Gazprom-Media’s sales and sales marketing department Karolina Sokolova, head of the sales department at Gazprom-Media Sales House Ekaterina Sivoratchenko, and head of Gazprom-Media Sales House’s marketing and research department Olga Timofeeva.

In the “Potential leaders” category the rating featured the head of Friday! channel’s program management Kristina Romanskaya, TV-3’s PR director (until 03.2018) Larisa Pogonina, head of the sales support department at Gazprom-Media Radio Dmitry Volynkin, deputy general manager of Match TV Evgeny Meytes, and TV-3’s digital director Alexander Purtseladze.

Eight managers of Gazprom-Media’s television and radio subholdings were featured in the category “Staff reserve of the media industry.” In the television field, the base level of the rating included the head of NTV channel’s design department Igor Sordokhonov, deputy general manager of Friday! TV channel Valentina Kulikova, Friday! channel’s creative digital director and deputy marketing director Artemy Gladchenko, digital director of SUPER TV channel Anastasiya Batsueva, creative director of TNT Music channel Andrian Melnikov, and the head of TNT’s social media Denis Suladze. In the radio segment, the rating featured the program director of radio station Konstantin Ogorelin and the program director of Relax FM Ilya Podgorny.

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Since 2012, Odgers Berndtson compiles an annual rating of the young leaders in Russia’s media industry. It is based on the assessment of their professional achievements and future career prospects. The rating includes the managers of Russian television companies, radio stations, web companies and print media aged 35 or less, who are responsible for four key areas: senior management (CEO), content and product creation, promotion and commerce.