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29 April 2022

​Gazprom-Media and NTV sum up the results of NTV Course: Production of Television Programs

NTV channel held the final pitching for the students of NTV Course: Production of Television Programs as part of Gazprom-Media’s educational project #GPMTrendy (Gazprom-Media Trends).

The personnel director of Gazprom-Media Holding Erika Kuyantseva, as well as about 100 representatives of advertising agencies and the Holding’s partners, attended the projects presentation. Erika Kuyantseva noted that this is already the fourth event that is held as part of the educational program #GPMTrendy, but with NTV channel it is held in a unique format.

“For the first time we saw and heard the results of the whole course. The students are very good at submitting material. It is very pleasant that many projects touch on socially significant topics. It was nice to see a high level of work. There are even ready television projects, the kind about which you can say ‘take them and use them.’ Among the submitted works, I really liked the project Iskusstvo Krast (The Art of Stealing) about the theft of painting masterpieces. The idea’s author suggested a mix of culturological and educational topics along with detective stories,” said Erika Kuyantseva.

“The NTV Course is a systematic intention to train managers and producers not only for us, but the television market as a whole. We see what quantity of talented young producers, correspondents, editors work on NTV and in production companies, making content for the channel. Many of them have already learned the tactics, but we would like them to start thinking strategically. The NTV Course is also for talented people from related fields: cinema, mass media. Moreover, the course showed us how many promising people there are for television production in the regions,” said Timur Weinstein, NTV’s chief producer and curator of the course.

The project winner was the work by 28-year-old Olesya Dudnik from Orsk, Osobennye (The Unique), in the storytelling genre. This project is about the path that a person needs to take in order to accept himself. The expert jury also recognized the idea for the program Chto Russkomu Khorosho? (What is Good for a Russian?) by Konstantin Kolesnikov as the most sponsor-intensive among the lot. The program allows us to view our national features through the eyes of foreigners.

In March 2018, NTV channel launched a second intensive educational course for film and television managers at the Moscow Film School. The mentors and teachers of the course were well-known NTV hosts Vadim Takmenyov, Sergey Malozemov and Sergey Mayorov, producers Alexey Gelazoniya, Alexander Maksimov, Irina Starikova, Alexander Dyomochkin and Guzel Ibragimova, as well as top managers and channel staff Lyudmila Brodskaya, Anastasia Lisova, Natalia Varen and Igor Sordokhonov.

The second NTV Course was made up of four blocks: general principles of how TV programs work, storytelling and programs about celebrities, big primetime shows, lifestyle. The training lasted for four months and included 20 training sessions and 144 academic hours. The students presented projects in the genres of storytelling, primetime shows and lifestyle at the final pitching. The culmination was the presentation of ideas in front of a professional jury.

Gazprom-Media Holding is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018 and it launched the educational project #GPMTrendy in honour of this milestone. The Holding’s events are held as discussions, master classes and creative workshops, where the heads of TV channels, radio stations, creative producers and stars of Gazprom-Media offer their insights. #GPMTrendy are attended by clients and partners of the Holding, representatives of advertising agencies and mass media, as well as company employees.