Gazprom media, a leading diversified media holding in Russia and Eastern Europe, and the company Central Partnership presented an advertising campaign of promotion of the new film ‘Terminator. Genesys’.

The advertising campaign was aimed at a wide audience and included TV promotion on NTV, TNT, Friday! and 2x2, as well as projects in the digital media. The goal of the promotion campaign was to attract viewers of different generations: those who watched the first part of the Terminator and younger viewers who will see the film for the first time.

TV channel 2x2 made a flash mob among its viewers, which was called ‘Terminator: Rise of machines 2x2’. Participants were offered to take a photo illustrating "an attack of consumer electronics on the person." Participants published photos with the hashtag #terminator2x2 in the social network Instagram and at the special page of the web-site of 2x2. Authors of the best photos received tickets for the film.

TNT has developed the integration of the Terminator image for promo video on the channel, bumpers and graphic inter-programm solutions. A promo video was created in which the mosquito from the TNT summer identity flew in the promo of the film and tried to bite the cyborg Terminator. Within the framework of campaign on TNT, the sponsored commercials appeared in the TNT flagship projects: Comedy Battle, TNT Comedy, Univer, Realnye Patsany (Real Guys), Dom-2.

NTV received broadcasting rights for the first part of the legendary Terminator (1984, 1991) specifically for the advertising campaign of the film Terminator. Genesys . It was a reminder of the new film’s release.

Central Partnership has become one of the first customers of the new multiplatform offer Cantata. The Cantata allows to create unique promotional campaigns in the format of "360", using the resources of Gazprom-Media in segments of television, radio, press, digital content production.

Cantata is absolutely unique and innovative offer for advertisers. Its idea is to give clients the ability to use a portfolio of popular media brands of Gazprom media and strengthen the number of potential consumers who watch, listen, read our resources to millions. It is also important that we create single creative concept of promotion and implement it on all platforms for advertisers, "- said deputy general manager for Sales sponsorship advertising" Gazprom-media "Ekaterina Veselkova.

Earlier opportunities of the Cantata were taken advantage of by Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing to promote the new animated film ‘Inside out’.

The advertising campaign of "Terminator. Genesis "was held from June, 15 to July, 2, before the release in Russia. For the following two weekends the film has collected 992 million rubles.

You can find the commercials on the links:

TNT, cross-programm integration

2x2, a promotional video

2x2, flash mob "Terminator: Riot of machines"

NTV "Terminator will be back"